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    How to prepare for competitions.

    In the present age, whether it is for entrance test or job students/candidates have to keep themselves ready to face any competition. Sometimes, it is observed that candidates are unable to analyse details and level of required knowledge for a particular examination before date is finalised. Aspirants need to be aware of their future examinations and required details thereof. Lacking in keeping proper updates they become part of the crowd, consequently, they don't succeed in their attempt due to disarrayed-preparation which causes disappointment and discouragement. If you are going to appear at examinations then following points should be taken care of.
    - Avoid the company of useless people who have negative thinking. They may affect your mindset for preparations, rather keep in touch with successful people who always encourage you and instil positive thinking in you.
    - Focus on the concept and proper method instead of parrot-learning.
    - Don't mind how many candidates are appearing at examinations. Never think that so many thousands candidates have applied how I can be selected. Keep in mind that toppers come out of the crowd.
    - Zeal and courage keeps the hope of success alive. Eventually, you can achieve your goal successfully.
    - Keep current affairs updated.

    How to do your preparations:

    - Start your preparations much before the final date of examinations.
    - Purchase good books which are recommended by successful and experienced people.
    - Understand what is the pattern of the papers. See specimen papers of last ten years and compare changes in the pattern to the latest one and prepare accordingly.
    - See a total number of marks, their subjectwise division and negative marking.
    - Generally, 30% questions are easy, 50% are moderate and 20% are tough.
    - Start your preparation by gym strategy i.e. gym goers divide their days for a specific part like shoulder, chest, bicep, legs. Similarly, you have to divide your days for each subject. It means you will study a subject for 6 hours per day. Suppose, you have to study General English, Mathematics, General Knowledge and Reasoning. So you will give one day to one subject.
    - Devote at least (6+1) 7 hours to your study.
    - Prepare a time table in two slots- of three hours each and one hour for revision of previous day subject study.
    - Start your day with revision.
    - Now devote 3 hours for theoretical knowledge. In which you will study chapter/chapters of the day's subject.
    - Next 3 hours you give to practical knowledge after a gap of a few hours depends on you when you resume. In it, you will solve objective type questions related to chapters you have studied earlier.
    - After completion of syllabus, you have to maximum questions papers of previous years.
    - Take the test of your knowledge by attempting practice papers and evaluate your progress. Check your negative points and grey area.
    - Listen to Educational YouTube Channels pertaining to your examination/ competition.
    - Take rest and eat healthy food.
    - Give some time for recreation as well
    - Take suggestions of those who have attempted the competition in past.
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    A piece of very good information about the methodology to be adopted for preparing for competitions. These days we have a lot of competition everywhere. Unless otherwise, we fare well in the written or oral tests for these competitions we may not be able to get selected. We have to prepare well and we should focus on the subject and understand the subject well. If it is a written test we should try to answer old papers as many as possible so that we will get an idea about the time distribution for each question. A focused attempt is very much required for getting success in these competitions.
    always confident

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