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    What is the safe and appropriate age you think that you can provide a smartphone for your ward?

    A smartphone is a modern gadget ruling the whole world. We all know a smartphone has so many benefits as well as harms it can do for mankind if they get addicted to it. Due to smartphones, we are losing valuable time and human relations. But it makes our lives easier through its communicational efficacy and it saves us in many ways. Small children can easily be attracted to these interesting gadgets and can easily be addicted to them. The addiction to these gadgets is easily spoiled their lives. So according to your experience at which age you think it is good and safe for you to provide a smartphone to your Ward? Why do you think so? What are the ways you follow to prevent your child from getting addicted to smartphones?
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    The basic purpose of a phone is to communicate between two people. I want to convey some information to another phone. I can talk to him over phone or I can send as SMS. For these activities a normal mobile is sufficient and no smartphone is required. A student never required a smartphone but some students may require an ordinary mobile phone. I think a student who is in high school, may not require any phone. But if he is staying away from the house and he has to communicate with his parents then a normal mobile phone. Once the student enters the UG course then the parents may consider a mobile phone. A smartphone can be purchased for PG student.
    But these days because of online classes to all the student's many students are opting smart phones. Even primary school students are also using smartphones. Now it has become a necessity for students.
    Wheteher parents like it or not, they are forced to give a smartphone to their children for their studies.

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