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    Stay away from cunning and selfish people

    You can see many cunning and manipulative persons around you. They remain in their own world of dreams and think that what they do is always is right. They think that all people around them are naive and can be fooled. Such people are always having some past psychological issues. I feel sympathy for them. But some of them are really evil people who want to get their work at any cost. They can deceive people. They are so selfish and mean that they will not hesitate to harm people for their selfish motives. Sometimes, these people can create serious problems for other people, even for their friends. I have bitter experience with these cunning people who for the sake of their selfish motive can enmesh their close people into deep trouble and they run away leaving their friends or relatives in the lurch.
    I always prefer to stay away from them.
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    These days the majority of the people are selfish and they always think about the benefits they get by doing some works. But all selfish people may not deceive others. But some people who are of cunning nature will never hesitate to deceive others. We should be always away from such people. There is no second thought about that.
    Some people act very innocently on our face but they try to get advantage from us by behaving like this. No two persons will have the same thinking on the same subject. A selfish man thinks how he can get benefitted by any issue that is coming on his way. But a normal man thinks about the issue purely based on the merits and demerits of the subject only.
    But I strongly believe that a person who goes by rules and regulations and never deviates from the ethical values will be victorious at the end.
    I agree with the author that we should be away from selfish and cunning persons. But the big problem is how to identify them?

    always confident

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    I agree with the author we should stay away from these people. There are many such means or selfish people in the world who see nothing but their selfishness and these people get their work done by other innocent people very easily. These selfish people do not have humanity, they do not matter what effect their actions will have on any other person. The strangest thing is when we know that the person in front is mean, yet we do not recognize his selfishness because of his way of manipulation.

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    Nice advisory provided by the author. It is very true and fact of the life that there are many bad elements moving here and there in the society in search of some simple, innocent, and gullible people. They are like the eagles hovering in the sky and targeting their prey on the ground. These people are not only clever but very expert in getting things done in their favour by misleading people. They are cunning and selfish but the most dreadful thing is that they will go to any extent to get some money or favour from another person. From outwardly appearance and talks they would appear as gentlemen only but the real nature will soon come out.
    Knowledge is power.

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