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    The pandemic and a few predictions

    Many people might be thinking how long they need to wear masks because of this pandemic situation and some may advise us to wear it for a certain period but now I am thinking it in a different way. I think the situation is such that we will be compelled to wear masks while we go out. Long before the pandemic while travelling regularly, I used to see a couple of people wearing masks. They used it as a precautionary measure against pollution. Now, the threat from pollution has even increased and if not pandemic we need to wear masks to protect ourselves from pollution.

    I know there are many who do not like to wash their hands before eating something but those having strict parents during childhood will not be complaining about this and those who are still hesitant about washing their hands every time will need to make this a habit.

    Another important aspect is social distancing which we were never familiar about. The interesting thing is that nowadays people remain so busy with their smart gadgets that they do not even find enough time to talk to their family members. You will find many complaining about less social interaction these days. Many threads were posted on this topic too. Since people are less active socially and more active on social networking sites, especially during this present pandemic situation, already the social distance between people has increased. In the near future, this distance can increase further. So, my prediction is most of these things are going to stay even if many do not want. Members, what is your prediction?
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    This pandemic has brought sea changes in many as I could see those who were the frequent travelers hopping on tour joints to various places have put everything on hold. Those who were the shopping addict were completely stopped going out and thus relegated to on line purchases. Those who were the regular foodies, have stopped visiting the restaurants and now tasting the home delicacies. And the children who used to bother us for the snacks from out side have now gone mute and not asking anything. And this pandemic has created the future savings for contingencies and thus we have been experiencing the change everyone and they are respecting each other because the life is not guaranteed and the fear of death is always lingering and therefore keeping good friendship through long distance.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The pandemic era is almost over. People are out without wearing a mask. Hardly, anybody is seen still wearing a mask. When I come out of my home, I keep the mask in my pocket and use it when and where it is needed. While travelling I never forget to wear a mask.
    Views of people are negative about coronavirus. Their questions are not to be taken lightly. They say when pandemic really exists then why elections are held and political rallies are conducted. They say that there is no pandemic as such. It's only propaganda.

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    The spread of the pandemic is slowly decreasing. The number of cases is showing a decreasing trend day by day. This is good but at the same time public is becoming negligent. Many people are not wearing masks. This being a festival season, social distancing is also not followed. This overconfidence is not good. We have to continue to wear masks and maintain social distance for a long time. It is likely that new strains of the virus likely to make their presence. We have to get habituated to wearing masks and maintaining social distance a necessity for our good.
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    It is true that pandemic period is going to be over. I have noticed that most of the people are not wearing mask. Now, they are feeling psychological free. They have forgotten about social distancing. Many people enjoying get together party. But, it is not safe for our future as new strain of corona virus have already reached in india. We need to be conscious for some more time. Else, our all attempt to break the chain of corona virus would be waste. It is very good news that Vaccine has made but until comes in market, we need to take all precautionary measures so that we could get success in complete eradication of corona virus.

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    During my school days, my grandmother never allowed us to enter the house without washing our feet and hands. But slowly many people lost that habit. But this pandemic made us follow that tradition. I feel we should continue this habit. Similarly changing the clothes when we come back from our work is also important and we should continue this also. Mask will become very important now as pollution is becoming a big problem.
    All these habits are very important to be healthy and safe always. So irrespective of pandemic let us continue with these points.

    always confident

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