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    Apart from Sunday do you crave for more holidays?

    Most of the IT workers are having five-day week options and they get their work done on Saturdays and even go outings at the weekend combined with high-end parties, But for the others, Sundays are the only option to enjoy the holiday and they really crave for extra breaks as the festival holidays but what is the use - even the banks, post office and govt offices remain closed and thus the work that is pending may not be completed. Then what arrangements can be made so as to attend our private work that has to be done and the office work would not get disturbed?
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    A day in a week is enough for a holiday. You say that you have Sunday as a holiday and all offices/establishments are closed on Sunday and you are not able to do your personal work on Sunday like doing transactions in banks. If you want two days leave for yourself then the same will be applied to banks also. It means the situation will not be changed for you. When your office is closed on Saturday also like IT companies then banks and other establishment/offices will also be closed on Saturday besides Sunday.

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    It is said that the main idea behind 5 days week is to motivate the workers to work during the 5 days with wholeheartedly efforts and then enjoy the 2 days of holidays by going to the sea beach or river front or night club etc and this was very common in the foreign developed countries and while copying that we also adopted it in India in IT sector as well as in some PSUs and Govt departments. Unfortunately, we totally forgot that India is not a developed country but is a developing country, full of poor people and full of a large number of unemployed people. It is a very foolish move in India to adopt 5 days. Actually we deserve 7 days week with an option of availing one day holiday on any day of our choice. Our work output is so less and slow that even 7 days are not sufficient to complete the task in time so it is a mockery of the system if we go for 5 days week. Some people who have visited abroad might had seen it and became so much impressed that they applied it here. As per our manpower we should have two shifts of all the departments, Govt or private, including the honourable courts on all the 7 days in a week then probably we may develop and make a place in the list of top countries in the world.
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    Whether it is 5 day week or 6 day week, the total working hours will be the same for IT and non-IT employees I feel. An employee has to work for 48 hours in a week. That why we will have 8 hours working a day and we will work for 6 days. But IT companies will work for 9 or 9.30 hours. So their working hours in a week will be around 45 to 48 only.
    But by getting 2 days holidays IT employees may go for one-day outing and the next day rest in the house.
    There are some continuous process plants and they will be working on all the seven days and weekly offs will be staggered.
    As mentioned y the author, if we have a Sunday holiday and on that day all banks and other government offices will be closed only. So managing our works will become a problem. That is why night banks and Sunday working banks and night post offices are started. Now online operations are also there. But if there are any works in government offices, based on the requirement and place of work, either we have to apply for leave and go or we have to take permission during working hours and then attend.

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    The things are worse in the private sector. As working in a manufacturing unit I have to work at least 10 hours a day and have to work for 6 days a week so don't get an off except on Sunday. And there are many personal works which can be done on the working days so have to take a leave to do them.

    It's a privilege for the people who get offs on two days a week. For us it like a boon to have an off on Sunday as we get a rest as well as get a time to devote time with the family or go for an outing with them.

    Yes I do crave for more holidays as just a Sunday is not enough but nothing cannot be done if all offices and manufacturing units shuts off then there will be huge loss for the economy so it's not possible for the government to do that.


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    The only thing we can do is to make time for things that are urgent and important. People spend most of their time on things that are unproductive and unimportant. The working day is officially mentioned in the protocol to be 5-6 days at most. Sunday is an official holiday day. Working people must make a schedule and be determined to complete their work before a set deadline period to make time for family, friends, and colleagues. It's difficult to make time every week of a month but giving it a try doesn't cost much. Effort matters more than not attempting at all. True people will always remain close to your heart and soul even if the connection and touch are lost. Human beings have emotions and the one who is courageous handles emotions well enough. Relationships and work go hand in hand. There is a fine line between ethics and moral values.
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    Such a privilege one can have only in big IT companies or PSUs or may be some Govt departments. All other common people are working either 6 or 7 days especially in lower positions. Sometimes they are lured with some little overtime and due to that they somehow remain doing the jobs on holidays also. There is a big anomaly in our country in this respect and some standardisation should be done.
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    While I was in employment, I wished very dearly that I should have a holiday after three days' work. As Sunday was a general holiday mostly universally, I wished a holiday on Wednesday or Thursday. Ironically I had the occasion to work on all seven days due to certain circumstances. I had been posted to a 7-day working branch. then. Theoretically I could avail a a weekly holiday on a weekday and I had opted it on a week day when the overall work load was less in my branch. But it so happened that there would be some urgent or priority matters to be attended and I had to work on that day also. So practically there were many weeks when I never had a weekly holiday at all. It was not compensated in any other way also.

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    @Sanjeev Gupta:
    Now new labour laws are more flexible for industrialists. Now, company can take work from employees for 12 hours. Several other facilities which were given to employees have been suspended for a few years. These laws have been implemented to attract foreign investors. In U.P. these laws have been implemented. When foreign reserves is received economy of the country will boost up.
    In private sector situation is worse. In most of companies employees are treated like slaves and they have to bear this inhuman behaviour of the employer.

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