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    Be a slow walker but never walk back!

    One of the messages which I received with a 'Good Morning' wish attracted me - 'I am a slow walker but I never walk back'. It made me think twice though looked very simple. The immense meaning hidden in it made me recall my own thread long ago -I have travelled too far where I can't look back!

    Yes, it is inferred that we should patiently move forward to reach the chosen goal but not leave it in the middle with desperation. There may be hurdles in our path but we should keep in mind that every hurdle is like a bad day which is not the last day as the Sun is again set to rise the very next day with hope and fresh assurance. Isn't it?
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    Different people have different perceptions and methodologies to go ahead in the struggle and journey of life and some of them want to do it in a quick and faster mode while others might go slow but move ahead steadily. It is like the race between the rabbit and tortoise where though apparently rabbit was sure to win but due to the overconfidence and lack of steadiness it loses the match with the humble tortoise.

    It is proverbially said that 'Slowly and steadily wins the race' and also it is mentioned by the great thinkers and scholars that 'Patience is the key to solutions to all the problems'. Under this doctrine one is definitely going to gain in long term and I also believe that a slow but consistent and positive pace in forward direction is far better than a hasty and quick action in fast mode resulting in failures.

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    On reading this post the small lesson we learned about the tortoise and rabbit race and eventually the tortoise wins the challenge has proved right . It is the fact that those who plan their moves systematically and keep one step forward may not err at all as they know the hurried activities would end as thud. And those who are consistent and even slow in doing things can always be trusted as they bound to deliver the results. By being a slow walker in life, others may over take us from the left and right, but we should not worry about them as they would be waiting for at the signal and we would eventually join them. Now calculate who is he wiser and who were the fools. And in office some management likes slow employees as they would do the perfect work without any mistakes and they are branded as thus.
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    Consistency is essential to reach goal. Tortoise and rabbit story is pertinent to this thread. Being consistent and steady in efforts brings best results. Starting the journey with zeal and is good but this zeal should be continued till someone reaches his goal. Will and determination, sometimes, create history. An unprecedented incident is happened. Manjhi a man of Bihar, is one of them who created history. No other person ever could create such history. He cut the mountain and created a road because the mountain was the main hurdle on the way to reach nearby city. His wife fell from the mountain and she could not be taken to hospital because he had to cross this mountain to reach the road for hospital. He dedicated his life to create a road in the middle of the mountain. He started cutting rocky mountain. People called him mad. But he kept on doing his work. He took 22 years to complete this task. He made the road in the memory of his wife as the king Shanahan got built Tajmahal for his wife. Coincidently Tajmahal was also built in 22 years.

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    I reiterate what I stated in that earlier thread - it depends on the scenario. There may be certain situations where we do require to walk back, to salvage something that went wrong and can be corrected. We can revive a friendship that had a good impact on us but died out due to some wrong step on our part, rework on a project that failed due to rookie errors, etc It is just that we need to take an informed decision keeping various aspects of the situation in mind and not hastily move forward or look back without thinking it through properly. I am both, a slow walker (in the sense of trying most times to doing things calmly, without frenzied haste) and also one who would look back when required.
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    If necessary we have to take a step back to see that the end result will be good and it will be a win-win situation to all. Had Suyodhan heard the voice of his mother and gone for an understanding with Pandavas, the war might have been avoided and so many people might not have died in the war. That situation might have been a win-win situation to both Pandavas and Kauravas. Sometimes we should step back if something good is going to happen to the whole society.
    Sometimes we might get caught in a situation where we can't go back and we have to go forward only. Then we have to proceed even though we feel what we are doing is not good for other people. Already we have spent some money and we got stuck. We can't recover that money unless otherwise, we invest some more money. In such a
    situation, I think we can say we have to go forward only and we can't step back.

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    This may not prove to be prudent in all situations. One should try to achieve the goal steadily and not leave it midway because of some hurdles in the way. At times when it is obvious that our efforts not going to succeed, it is always wise to leave it without wasting further efforts. No doubt, it will be a hard decision to walk away from the set goal or pursue it with patience.
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