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    How to motivate a lazy and inactive person?

    In our lives we have a limited time and within that we have to pursue our career, enjoy the life, deliver the goods, fulfil our responsibilities, pursue our long cherished hobbies, and all other such indulgences. The list is quite long and exhaustive and seems to be a difficult task when seen from a sitting and lazy posture. How I would be able to perform in so many activities and how I will be capable to meet those expectations - is the thought that many times perturbs and stirs our minds. So the dull and inactive person perceives these things but unfortunately lacks the necessary momentum to go ahead and does not try to face that challenge and complete those tasks one after one or through multitasking mode. What can, in your opinion, motivate or encourage such people to stand up and proceed ahead with new vigour and zeal? Any solutions?
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    If a person who is lazy and inactive and happens to be close friend then it is easy to motivate. For example we used to go for the morning walk at 5 am and my colony colleagues would like to join me but one of them though good at heart and have helping nature, do have the laziness and he needs to be towed and pepped up. So we have to waste lots of time knocking at his door as he switch offs his cell phone. But over the course of time he realized that we are asking him to walk for his good health as I have scolded him that we need not require his friendship at all as we have to beg for doing walking with us. That offended him very much and with the fear that we may cut his friendship he started waking up before we knocking the door and hence it is the good example of those who are lazy and inactive can be changed to our grove.
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    I am also a lazy person, how I can improve others. I always delay in doing my work.
    Just joking!
    Nobody is lazy in reality, however, someone may be careless. Laziness is applied to a particular activity about which he is careless and he does not give importance. He will not show laziness if he has importance of any work in his heart or he realizes if he does not perform a particular activity he will fall in deep trouble, he can never nerve to show any laziness or carelessness. So laziness is related to indifference about any activity. Carelessness or laziness is not a good habit. It kills one's time and sometimes, he face any trouble also.
    I don't think anybody who is lazy in your eyes needs any suggestions. If someone is careless about his health he will not rise early morning you may call him a lazy person but if he is careful about his health he will get up early morning and will also go Ior morning walk because good health is important in his eyes, so he does not show any carelessness, in other words you can say he is not lazy. But is it really a matter of laziness? No, I think it is a matter of carelessness about health.

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    Generally, the interest of the person is more important. If we are interested in doing work we will do it without waiting for somebody to remind us. If we are not interested in that work we may go on postponing it. Laziness will come only when there is no interest. So if we want somebody to be active we have to understand his interest and see that he will be given work in that area. Otherwise, we have to see that he will get interested in that particular work. We can do it by explaining the importance of the work allocated to him and explain to him the benefits he will get if he completes the work on time. That may motivate him to complete the work as planned.
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    Lazy is a word, but if we go into its depth, then we will understand that laziness also occurs differently in people. If someone does not feel lazy to do any work and if someone is lazy to do the same work, then there is laziness in some studies, and some people get lazy in waking up early. First of all, it is important to know what laziness is about and then what is the reason for that laziness. It is fine for someone else, but we should also do this analysis for ourselves. If one has some laziness for any work then before doing this work, one should do one of his/her favorite work, it may be helpful.

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