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    How much time will take to reach my account

    Hello sir,

    As per your December 2020 cash payment announcement, I uploaded my invoice for 300/- on 2 Jan 2021. But, it didn't reach to my account till now. How much time will take in completing the payment process? First time, I got the opportunity to upload the invoice. Is ISC pay money? Dear members, please share your views.
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    Check if it has been acknowledged or not. Generally, we get feedback from the accounts department in case something goes wrong from our end in filling the required information in the invoice. Check if the invoice was properly attached and sent.
    Since you have started a thread, you will be given a proper reason for the delay in transferring the amount to your bank account. Keep patience. If you don't get any reply, you may contact on phone to Timmy Sir. His phone number is in invoice format.

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    "Does ISC pay?", you asked. Yes, of course ISC pays! Perish the thought to the contrary. Just check out these testimonials. An announcement of the payment does not mean immediate credit to one's bank account. We just have to be patient. I am also awaiting my payment of December and on a few occasions have received it after 15th (by and large got it by the 10th). The Webmasters sometimes take time as there is a limit on daily transfers, I think, and also I get the impression that they generally await the earnings from Google to be able to disburse the payments to members (this is my personal view, not sure about it).

    Anyway, I will forward this thread to Timmy Sir. Rest assured, you will get the payment.

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    There are millions of sites on the internet for different purposes and people visit them or contribute to them or buy items from them or refer them for knowledge. Every site has its own way of working. Some thrive on membership while some thrive on advertisements. There is one very reputed and popular site which publishes quality articles but charges $5 per month from its members. Then out of that and some other earned revenue, it pays remuneration to the authors.

    So, out of those million sites, there are only very few sites which pay some money to its contributing members and ISC is one of them. Now there are some guidelines for the payment and when it reaches a threshold, as initially mentioned by the member in his profile settings and payment settings or as decided by the site managers, the payment becomes due and is punctually paid by ISC. Sometimes occasionally, though rare, there may be a delay and in that case, one has to write a one-line message in the page where earlier one has submitted the invoice and it is immediately taken up and payment comes to the bank promptly.

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    No need to worry. Once the invoice is raised and uploaded, you will receive the payment. This month I uploaded my invoice on 1st and my payment is in my account on 4th. All the members who got the cash award will apply in the first week. The accounts department will process the invoice and makes the payment. They will be doing it on the basis of first in first out (FIFO). Almost all will get their payments on or 10th. You will receive an alert in your mail about this payment. If there is any problem, they will let you know in this thread. Please once check your account today, you might have received.
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    Transaction Details
    Transaction Status:Success
    Reference ID:72903340
    NEFT/RTGS Reference No:FDRLH21012238621
    Transaction Type:Transfer To Other Bank Accounts
    Initiator Account Name:TIMMY M JOHN
    Initiator Account Id:15XXXXXXXXXX41
    Frequency Type:One Time
    Transaction Date(dd-MM-yyyy):12-01-2021
    Beneficiary Type:Personal Payees
    Beneficiary Nickname:SanchitaRanjan
    Beneficiary Account Number:3XXXXXXXX19
    Beneficiary Bank Name:STATE BANK OF INDIA
    Beneficiary Branch:UKKUNAGARAAM NH II
    Beneficiary Bank Identifier:SBIN0008054
    Transaction Amount:INR 300.00
    Remark:December 2020 Payment

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    Yes, I got my payment today. Thank you sir.

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