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    Do you believe studying abroad will fetch a job with more salary?

    At present, the trend for modern students is to complete basic education in India and go abroad to study higher courses. They believe that taking higher courses abroad will fetch them a job with more salary either abroad or in India. Especially students of Engineering or Medicine are preferring foreign countries for higher courses and also like to settle there to earn more. In India to prestigious IITs, Medical institutes are there were so many great renowned scholars came out and got more fame for India. Do you really believe studying abroad is a safe bet than studying in India? Why? or Why not?
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    Yes. In India, there are many colleges and universities. But all of them are not of a good standard. IITs, NITs and some universities are imparting standard education. But the number of students are more and all will not get seats in these institutes. There are students who can afford money to go and study at good universities. Such people will try to get a seat in a foreign university and study there.
    Coming to jobs, definitely, there are some companies abroad which will be paying good salaries and in some countries, sufficient manpower is not there to man all the requirements. The workload there will be less and the pay packet will be good. So many people try to go abroad for a job. People who studied in those countries will have definitely an advantage to get selected.
    Still, there are people who never wanted to settle abroad. They may go and study there. But they will come back and join in India only. These people give more importance to be around their own people than earning more by going away from all the family members, relatives and friends.

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    Though there are premier institutions in our country where the quality of education is definitely superb as for instance IIT, NIIT, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru etc where education imparted can be compared from any standard institution located in foreign countries. However, to get a seat in such institutions, the aspirants have to face a stiff competition to grab the seat. Though the other colleges and institutions are existing for the continuation of the technical education but their standards are of low standard. Hence most of the aspirants would like to go in USA, UK, Germany, France etc for their specialised education. The environment in such countries are conducive and the professors are painstaking in their duties. Once they complete their education, they have the opportunities to get assignments in the foreign universities with the lucrative emoluments.
    However, some of such aspirants would like to return to their native countries to offer their learnings to the pupils. Though they may not get that much emoluments as compared to foreign countries but still they are comfortable with their own people.

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    In India there are lots of good institutions from which the students after studying get a good job like IIMs, IITs and many medical colleges. But as they have very limited seats so they take very few students in their college. Only the cream of the students get admission in these institutions after lots of struggle.

    It's not that the students who study from the foreign University gets good salary in india . I remember in our time people used to study medicine from Russia and China as they don't use to get the admission here in India. But their degree didn't have the value here and after completing the degree they had to pass a test to practice here in India.


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    It mainly depends on which university/institute a candidate got education from. Merely having a degree/diploma/certificate from any foreign country would not make much difference. We have numerous institutes in our country which give importance to money whereas some other institutes give importance to talent. An employer is aware of what the level of an institute is a candidate has got his degree from.

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    Everywhere we have got variety of institutions in respect of their worth and fame. So, depending on the institution from where the student has done the course, the future career depends to a good extent. In our country also there are very good institutions and students get campus recruitment in big companies. Same thing is true for foreign countries that there are also some institutions doing very good as regards to the career of the students who have done their courses from there. The only charm of doing a degree from abroad is that many times people get a job there itself and then slowly they settle down there and have a better standard of life.
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    There was a time when these things mattered much and getting educated from abroad was not only a thing of pride but also had good opportunity for getting a job specially in a big multinational department. Today the educational scenario is much changed and as there are some good institutes in India itself there is no need to go abroad for education. The meritorious students would anyway get a good job and the mediocre will have a problem even after getting an education from abroad. Salary depends on experience and qualification and is not related to the foreign education.
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    I am totally against the parents sending the students to abroad for studies and then hunting for the lucrative jobs. But being a youth the boy gets exposed to the posh living culture of that country and get fascinated towards living there permanently when compared to India. Thus the boy wants to settle for even lesser pay offered job as he does not want to return India. And here parents are elated with the fact that the boy has started working but over the course of time the offer seems to be thud and the parents are left with clue less as to what is in store for them in future and the child.
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