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    What is the reason for SC gave such a great moral support for farmers?

    Intervening SC themselves in farmers issue is a great thing in solving the great tussle going between government and farmers. SC questioned that the government is not moving in the correct direction to solve the problem with farmers. If the same situation continues, they institute a legal committee headed by a retired SC judge to settle the issue. In case of any unwarranted situation, they are going to give a stay on the implementation of laws. They categorically questioned why there are no petitions filed by anybody saying that the government proposed laws are proper. SC is so concerned about farmers' issues but why Mr.Modi lead the BJP government not?
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    Court is the final authority to solve problems. You are asking why no petitions filed by anybody saying that the government proposed laws are proper. People of our country are not anti-farmers. Therefore no one will go to the court and say that farmers are wrong. They also would not say that government is wrong. Because all citizens of the country are not anti-government. It is a problem between the government and farmers. The public won't interfere by going to court to support the government. The government is capable of handling the situation. Farmers should understand that the government is not anti-farmers. No government in the world would go against the farming community who feeds us. The present situation is mainly due to the lack of understanding the things, but wrongly predicting the things. And also due to supporters who try to defame the ruling government.
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    The latest news is SC suspended three farming laws enacted by the government till the conflict between farmers and the government gets resolved.

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