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    Happy greetings to all for the harvest festival Sankranthi

    Sankranthi is one of the big festivals celebrated in most parts of India with different names. This festival mainly celebrated as the harvest festival. This is the time where the farmers reap the fruits of their hard work in the form of yield from their crops. In Telugu states, Sankranthi is celebrated on three days-13th Bhogi (Pongal), 14th Makara Sankranthi, and 15th Kanuma. On Kanuma farmers do pooja to their domestic cattle. In Punjab, the same festival celebrated as Lohri, in as Assam Bihu, in Bihar, Jharkhand, UP, Chattisghad as Chhat. Hope this festival of Sankranthi gives more joy to farmers and give more inspiration to do well in the coming farming year. Once again a happy Pongal and Sankranthi to all ISC members.

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    I wish all the members of ISC a happy Sankranti. All the farmers in villages celebrate this festival very happily in a big way as they will get their crops to the house in this season. This is a very big festival in Andhra Pradesh. All the newly married boys will be invited to their inlaw's house and will get the VIP treatment. They will be honoured with new clothes and ornaments. This is a three-day festival and on the third day, we will see all the domestic cattle decorated very nicely and go in a procession across the streets in the village. This festival will be more attractive in the villages. There will be Rangoli competitions and girls participate in the competitions very actively.
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    Greetings to all on the occasion of Lohri (yesterday I think it was), Makar Sankranthi, Pongal, and Kanuma. It is interesting that we have different festivals around the same time.
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    This is one unique occasion falling in the month of January when it is celebrated in some way across the country. Yesterday evening when I went to market (in Navi Mumbai area) I found people buying kites and til-jagery items and many shops were showcasing a variety of these items which are related to these festivals. Sankranthi has a special meaning in Indian culture and it evokes a religious sentiment in us. When we were in school we used to fly kites on this particular day. During my stay in Gujarat state we saw in this time time of the year with much fun filled activities as people came on their terraces of the house and started to fly kites and there was music system delivering songs in high pitch and really it was an unforgettable experience. Way back to my childhood when I was staying in Kumaun region we had a local festival in which food was given in the early morning to the crows by calling them and it was surprising that when we call them they immediately came to take it and eat it. This festival is known as Kale-Kawwa (Ghughuti) there. These are the old memories associated with this festival.
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