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    Your ISC Article Income

    In past one of my article ranked on google and it made me $5 approx in its lifetime. Do you have experience of your article ranking on Google and do you remember its income by Adsense.

    If you have similar experience, kindly share.
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    Wow.,.what was the article about?

    No I don't have an experience like this. I don't write much of the articles here. But if your article has that much ability to get traffic then you should submit more articles here


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    Most members would be unwilling to share AdSense earnings generated from content and till now hardly a few have actually revealed what they earn. As for ranking and its associated potential to earn, a majority of articles submitted here get an instant ranking on Google, but may not necessarily generate earnings.

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    Actually that article was on the topic antivirus and ranked for many terms for few months on google. I don't have data on adsense account because adsense don't keep data for more than 3 years now.

    You can post article and if they don't rank, you can do little promotion and may see positive ranking progress.

    I guess only 10-20 members of ISC makes regular income and hence they don't share this often.
    Actually most article ranks after certain time period on google. Article generate revenue only, if it have search volume or it ranks for variety of keywords and most of the article don't rank. In my view only 10% of article ranks or make any worthy income. This 10% of articles can be increased to 20-30 if you do good research and publish on good website.

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    I have also some experience but that is in the negative territory. I got a message from Adsense that I had, may be unintentionally, clicked on the advertisements in my pages and for that the earnings would be detected. That was fine and I accepted that because it is my fault if I had not been cautious enough to avoid the advertisements and take my cursor away from them. So far so good. Now I have again got a message from them that I had promoted my articles published in ISC in my Facebook pages and that is also not allowed and they have stopped my Adsense for a month and then only they would open it for advertisement earnings. I admit that I promoted them and not my articles but other good ones also. So for other articles there is no issue but for my articles they say that it is not allowed by Adsense. I admit it is a correct thing and has stopped this as per their policies.

    I got confused because in one other site they say to me that share your articles with your friends in WhataApp so that it gets more views and I was religiously doing that once they were quality approved and published in that particular site. Of course that site has its own advertising system and nothing to do with Adsense. So Adsense had been tedious in my case but I just wanted to share it here so that other people should be cautious and should not err where I had committed some mistakes. Generally, ignorance is bliss but in this case it was a loss to me.

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    Since the ad sense earnings are performance centric of any member it may not be revealed due to obvious reasons. For that matter I have very negligible articles submitted and I am not tracking the earnings. But what I feel that even the forum posts are getting good revenue through the ad sense and that proves that if you have the profess to raise or respond to the forum threads then there is no dearth for earning spree either through this site or the ad sense. The general topics concerned to the life would be getting more viewers and thus our earnings are also good and if the content connects to other nations then the earnings are good.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I have posted only 50+ articles at ISC. But the Google Adsense revenue earned by me is about $300 (18000 INR) so far. I am likely to earn more.
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    @ Sun
    This is something we want to hear about. Do you track income of each article on adsense? Do you have idea which article made most of the income? I suggest you to track them by url channel on adsense and similar article can rank easily.

    @ K Mohan
    I agree forum may be good earner after resources.

    I am not sure about adsense on promoting articles of social media but lot of people do this on intial level. Once article up and if the article is great, people will share them at many places.

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    People might share an article, but what really matters is the click on the ads by the readers that fetches income to the author. Really speaking, I don't track my articles after posting it.

    No life without Sun

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    Hi, Rahul In 2013 I wrote an article about newly launched messaging app. At that time apps are hot topic. I wrote that article with little SEO in mind. This one article fetched me $1.41 with in two days. This is my high earning article. I have written around 70 articles around that time that are not that effective. Thereafter I never post any article till date because of time constraints. What I want to point here is that hot topics with good authentic article can get good views and earning with in few days. However I have never tried this after that may be in future. In that article I got around 35 clicks, 350 page views and 600 ad impressions. Although nowadays it might be different and need more research work.

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    If the resources are targeted with particular topic to the respective viewers and end users the forum posts with the replies to that makes a big content even better than a article. That may be the reasons that even our threads are getting watched and benefited through the adsense. Two months back in one week I earned a adsense of 7 dollars and that is whooping considering the articles which were not getting that much revenue on adsense. The more we churn out good content and apt to the topic and the uses to the net user, the Google has to give us he adsense benefit and there is no second thought about it.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    @Umesh This is really a new information for me to know that articles promotes through social media like Facebook will be penalized by adsense. I too do it, but so far, I did not get notified anything wrong about it. Still I take it as a warning and learn more about it. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    @Sun Do you verify the adsense revenue through Google analytics or anyother means? Please give more details on it.

    @Rahul my articke has not reached the Google ranking but it had reached a celebrity and gained appreciation from her. I was so happy about it. Reach of my article
    I don't know to tell how exactly I earned out of that article, but my adsense earning in that month is comparatively more.

    Sri Vetri
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    @kamal kishore
    Yes, Think if that article rank for one year and that type of article can easily make $300-$500 on one year. But not all article ranks easily. One of my article from other site ranked for it made $500+ in its lifetime during 2012. If we post article with 1500 words and with good research on keywords, we may get more success in adsense.

    Good that your article reached the celebrity. To track articles you need to create url channels in adsense

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    What is interesting is that articles that get a few earnings will not show as those that are generating traffic (traffic data can be seen at your StatCounter account) and vice-versa. That is why it is a bit frustrating when you see high traffic and no earnings!

    What Umesh mentioned is known by some publishers, that one should not promote articles via FB or other social media platforms and this is considered to be inorganic traffic. However, if you have your own blog or website, you can give a relevant link within the text of a post there to an ISC article. Of course, like for anywhere where you submit content, you need to be careful not to place links near the ad units or images.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Now how to promote articles through various ways need to discussed to raise the earnings potential.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I am convinced that I am not a good article writer(at least for online content). I so not have technical knowledge like SEO, most searched topics etc. I do not bother to se adsense revenue etc except for the first initial days and months when I got my adsense account approved. I have not installed any stat software. So I do not know how many people visits my contents.

    My articles in ISC are mostly entries to contests.

    What I earned from ISC for my consents can be seen from my profile. Till date I had received just two payments from adsense that also just touching the threshold amounts, not much more.
    As my prime aim is not earning money from writing, I have not much bothered on this, but accept happily whatever small sum I get, because I respect money earned by our efforts.

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    @K Mohan
    You can write article without doing things but if you do these steps before promoting, you may get better results.
    1) Selecting low competition topic for articles
    2) Knowing whether the post you are posting on ISC is already posted or not for the keywords. Verify that any other article of ISC is not ranking for your target keywords. Once you know that no ISC article is ranking for keywords, you can write article.
    3) Writing world class article and Selecting related keywords for article and implementing in article. Article should be 1000 words to 2000 words.
    4) Tracking article by adsense channel or stat counter
    5) Doing promotion of your article after some time.

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