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    Dillydally in a government department

    In government offices it is very hard to get your work done. They do dillydally in their duty but they are not supposed to do it. Even you complain to higher authorities about concerned staff who is procrastinating your work, nevertheless, he will be defended. In some cases the complainant may be threatened, especially, if the matter is related to police or administration.
    I had applied to an higher authority of district head quarter. I requested to get a disputed issued investigated. This officer gave this responsibility to another officer. I received a letter to submit my written arguments with evidences. I submitted the same on 14/11/2019. Now it's 2021. I have been loitering around but the work has not been done yet. I have just met the steno who assured me to give the report today. Now I am having a cup of tea in a hotel and waiting how long he will take. Probably, I shall have to come tomorrow again.

    However, I don't generalise it. What is your experience, especially, those members who had been government employees?
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    Not only government departments, but all departments and organisations work like hand and gloves. They won't go against each other when it comes to a third party. Why go to government department. Look at our own site where no editors will be let down by the admin or other editors. They always support and save them even if they are 100 percent wrong. Can't change it. Bear it.
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    In government departments, works will be done very slowly and they take maximum time to complete the work. My aunty applied for a pension and everything is ready and only the MEO has to sign and then only final submission will be done. It is more than 3 months lying on the table of MEO. Every day we are reminding her but she is not completing. I don't how many more days she will take.
    But no other employee will say anything about that lady. Even her senior is also not saying anything. Now we are forced to take the President of the Pensioners association and yesterday she was telling that one GO she is not able to trace. My aunty submitted the same. Now We have to see. They are all united. We can't say anything to her.
    Even we complain about her to the higher authorities, nothing will happen. But she will become more rigid. So we have to tolerate and wait for the work to get done.

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    The same thing is not applicable to the government departments but the same thing applies to public undertakings as well. It would be very difficult to get the work done unless you are being favoured by some known person of the organisation to expedite your pending job. Even if you are an employee of the same organisation,it hardly matters.
    I felt it bitterly when I approached the personnel department of my organisation regarding the entry of the name of second daughter in my personnel file.,The procedure was simple and not at all time consuming but the dealing clerk did not take any initiative for a month or so. Ultimately this could be done with the intervention of one my colleagues working in the same department. In such cases, even complaining to the higher authorities may not produce any favourable result.

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    @SuN: No, I disagree with you what you have said about ISC.. I had a complaint about an editor. My complaint was heard and he was asked to satisfy me. Eventually, issue was sorted out.

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    It could be once in a blue moon. You must be a fortunate person. Generally it is not. All my attempts to raise an issue against an editor had failed miserably. I do not want to go into detail.

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    In Govt as well as PSUs there is always delay in the work. There, the culture is like that. People do not work on their own but wait for instruction from top or take advantage of the loop holes in the system. Suppose you apply for some certificate and the officer is not happy with you whatever be the reason for that. What the officer will do is instruct the clerk that don't make this document dry till he tells him to do so. The subordinate feels very nice after hearing from the boss that he gave him so much lift and made him a party in wrong doing. He will abide 100% and never do your job. Now see the reverse scenario. Boss wants to do the job quickly and asks the subordinates for it but the subordinate says that there is some problem in the system and it would take time. What I want to say is subordinate is always ready to delay but never ready to quick action. This is the human psychology and is many times seen in the PSUs and Govt departments. In many cases they do not do it for a long time and then say that your application is not traceable and better you give a fresh application with new date. You have no alternative except to do what they advice.
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    It is the fact that getting works done in government department is the great challenge running into many days. Since two months I was trying to change the name of the flat owner to the new purchaser who happens to my relative and the mutation process was just entering the name and changing to new name. But the officer concerned in Municipal office has lots of works and he keep on giving the dates and I have to follow his dates. One day I just told him that if he is not doing the work today then I shall complaint to the CM office citing his name and indifferent towards work. He got baffled as I have shown him the address and content ready to dash the twitter post to the CMO office and copy to the civic authorities. He immediately called at the later hour and handed over the mutation without delaying further.
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    Once, while I was working in the Kanyakumari district of Tamilnadu, one of my north Indian staff complained that he was ill treated by the government bus corporation conductor and insulted his Hindi language. Based on his report, I wrote a letter to the Managing Director of the Bus corporation to take action against the bus conductor. The MD was prompt and the conductor was suspended. When the conductor came to know that I was the complainant, he sought the help of my relatives to recommend me to withdraw the complaint. I did not yield to their recommendation. There are exceptional cases. It depends on the position and status of a person.
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    SuN: In such cases there must be lacking in monetary link between the staff and the authority, but where the staff is direct connected with their higher authorities share of bribe is distributed between them, then surely higher authorities will protect them too. However, In this situation which you have mentioned about when any staff is called to account might settle his dispute with the help of monetary process.

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    @K.Mohan: I appreciate you for a smart move to get your work done by the concerned person but everybody is not smart like you.

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