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    Many thinks that they are clever and others are waste

    It is the fact that God has given one talent or the other to each one of us and some are having a niche to create a space for them and many are not having the chance to prove themselves. In that process those who are able to create a impact think that they are clever and others are mere waste. And that over confidence would not only bring them the bad repute and also stops them from further exploring as they feel that they have grown up to a stage of higher performance and start to demean others. What is your take on this persistent happening among many of us ?
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    The author has rightly said that some people, after reaching the heights, seem to despise the people standing at the bottom and they get the ego of their own progress. Such people feel that no one will be able to do what they can.
    This thinking is wrong because no human is always in the same situation, so it is a good thing to be proud of your success but it does not mean that you show other people below. A real successful person is one who wishes other people success also with his / her progress, it is a sign of real humanity.

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    Nobody is a waste and nobody is more clever than the other. It may be a temporary perception of a few people but everybody has the potential. Some explore it quite well, some do not explore it because of fear while there are also people who do not analyze themselves while exploring things. Time to time we need to evaluate ourselves to find out what we lack and how much we can progress during a certain period and take remedial actions accordingly. Being persistent is important in every field. It is not possible to do the same thing again or produce the same result without practice. Whether one has talent or not practice is essential. Practice will make you perfect and lack of practice will make you dull. That's why legends in every field spend long hours in practising the things they do best.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    I agree with the author. Some people can be seen of this cheap mentality that once they are successful they begin to underestimate other people and worst if they are those who disrespect, ignore or hate other people. Nobody knows what happens tomorrow. Those whom they insult today might surpass them tomorrow. Who knows?
    Ups and downs are not new. Bad days come and go as well. Success and failure are part of our lives. So, every struggled should keep on trying again and again until he succeeds.

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    I agree with the author. There are lots of people in our society who think themselves to be clever and think that others are fools. But they forget some people are shy to point out their cleverness and get fooled by them knowingly.

    I have a colluege who does that often. He thinks him to be superior than others but he is in illusion. He tries to divert his asigned works to others but fails to do that. It's strange as such people are very shameless and don't scared that what people will say. Such people are not liked by others.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    I personally feel that this is a mindset. In my life so far, I have not come across a person who thought himself to be cleverer than the others and demean others. Even if they had the feeling, they might have kept it to themselves but not expressed it openly. This must be an inferior complex developed by people that someone is cleverer than themselves and trying to show it off.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Some people are definitely more clever than others and they make it obvious also by their gestures and talks. So, to tat extent it is better to be cautious while dealing with such people as they will talk something and meanwhile act something and in most of the cases that action would harm us. Sometimes having friendship with clever people is also is not a good thing as in long run we only suffer because of their clever and selfish intentions.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I always feel that each one will be good in one or the other area. But we compare other people in the field in which we are good and feel that the other person is not clever. Some may be good in one language and other may be good in another language.
    The intelligence or cleverness comes when you apply your mind completely on the subject. But many people may not give that much time and problem starts there. Any one can understand the situation better and act better only when they focus on the issue.

    always confident

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