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    I'm thankful to the editors on ISC for their guidance and support

    The journey on ISC has been great! It has helped me polish my writing skills and articulate my thoughts better. My contribution though as little as a drop in the ocean has helped me stay around on this amazing platform of Never had I thought I would ever be able to write on a platform like this one. ISC has provided me with an opportunity to explore different aspects of writing. This journey would not have been possible without the support of the respected editors who stood by me in thin and thick offering guidance to me. I'm also thankful to respected members who have also been responding and commenting on my posts.

    I highly appreciate and applaud my editors for being my editors and help me and every other member on ISC write better. Despite their personal and professional commitments, editors have always been there for me and other members to come up with a better contribution on ISC. I am extremely thankful to my editors especially Saji sir, and Vandana ma'am for their guidance and support on ISC. I'm indebted to you.
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    Umar, what you have presented today through this post is a fact and I also realised it long back and already had applauded their support to the members who want to learn the things in this site and benefit by learning them. The guidance and continuous interaction is something that I have so far not seen in any other site. In spite of a lot of editing and monitoring activities in which they are busy, they are trying to accommodate each and every member. It is incredulous and praise worthy. I could not stop myself for repeating these accolades once I saw your post and getting this opportunity joined you in doing so.
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    Umar what you said is right. ISC has been the guiding light for those who has the starting problems and the members would pep up their imaginative writing thoughts hidden in them and thus over the course of time, the members who were much shy feeling in the beginning are making huge waves by winning the awards and rewards. For ISC every members is equal and those who perform well are given the further impetus and thus more further performance is expected. A good performer is ably recognized and that also gives the reason for further improvement and thus those were the average contributors turns to be super writer of this site.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Umar, you are right. We all should be thankful to the Editors. There is no doubt about it. More than that we should be thankful to the webmasters who created this excellent platform and gave us such a knowledgable Managing Editor, Lead Editors and Editors.
    Not only you, many members learned many aspects on this platform and the role of the editors in this is second to none. The Editors here are able to motivate the people and see that the best will come out from the members. They adopt many ways to teach you and see that you will also be a winner and a good learner.

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    I was thinking why this thread got a cold shoulder reaction. It would have been otherwise, I feel, if the editors were criticized. I am putting up this point knowing very well that I shouldn't have. But why let a pat on the shoulder go unnoticed?

    Umar, our aim is to see to it that our members improve their language and writing skills. If we could contribute to your improvement, we consider it a job done. We suggest but it is for the members to accept and decide whether they need to improve. All the best!

    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    The author is right. ISC team is amazing.
    Thanks a lot ISC.

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    There has been consistent improvement in the quality and professionalism in the way of appearing contents in this site and the credit should go to the editors as they are giving their extra time and they are also like we the members and yet take the stride of improving the knowledge base among us. Though sometimes we get annoyed with the removal or deletion of posts, that is being done according to the rules and rights given to them. But over the recent past the rejection of posts are also minimal and all the credits should go to the editors who are doing the great services of keeping this site going without any glitch. While other online sites were wanting a good content writer and even sending mails to our accounts to join them, our members know their potential and how to shine here with their writing power and skill.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Absolutely. This site has helped me to be develop my ability to write on the different subjects and helped me to improve my language. Apart from this it gives me the opportunity to earn a bit from my efforts. It's been a pleasure to be a member of this site.

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    Today I have completed 6 months of joining ISC, and I am proud that I made the best decision for myself 6 months ago by registering on a big platform like ISC. I have learned a lot since joining here, especially with the support of senior members and editors. In my journey so far, I have made some mistakes as well as learned a lot, and I hope that under the guidance of all of you members and editors, I will learn more.
    My special thanks to Saji Ganesh sir, I have learned a lot under your guidance and have enhanced the art of my writing to some extent. I will do my level best to improve my performance and will provide my contribution as much as I can.

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    We all are thankful to the editors for their continuous support. It is because of them ISC has gained so much popularity and all the editors and webmasters are continuously working to find ways for further improvement of this wonderful site. For a website like ISC, quality contents are the main criteria and editors are helping every individual member to improve their writing abilities. Anything and everything cannot be posted on this site and editors strictly monitor the activities in all the sections which is undoubtedly a tough job. Members are contributing regularly and new members are also joining here. When the members do not conform to the posting guidelines editors take suitable measures and the members are also informed accordingly so that they do not repeat the mistakes.

    Whatever people do there will be critics and there are also people everywhere who are ready to criticize many actions of the others. Despite being criticised at times, all the editors are keeping their cools and carrying out their responsibilities diligently.

    From my end, a Big Thank You to all the editors!


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    It always feels good to receive appreciation and we express our thanks to the members for this and other past threads of a similar nature. While Saji and I are visible through our forum presence, there is a superb team of editors whose names many of you may not even know. The support they give is something that cannot be fully elaborated in detail, including the taxing times that they have gone through on the personal front. Suffice it to say they are a committed crew, totally dedicated and zealous about their work, so much so that many of them are burning the midnight oil to complete their tasks after a full day's work at the office and managing multifold responsibilities at home. I personally admire their passion and perseverance and am so very proud of them all.

    Thank you, Umar, for raising this thread.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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