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    Wrong doers are more and right people are less

    As the life is becoming more challenging and one cannot cope up the raising standard of living and no proper jobs to rear their family, some are indulging in wrong ways which are against the laws as they are induced to earn more but no guarantee of escape when they caught through the law. Most of the people are wrongly directed to wrong doing with the promise of life changing income but in the end they are used and misused for the personal gains and left in lurch not attended or handed over to the police as approve persons..
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    The author has scribbled down the universal truth today and it would require much boldness and negative mind to negate what he has mentioned. So, I fully agree that there is a large number of people who care two hooks for law and order and system and do whatever they want. If caught they get bail. If not caught the merry go round. One thing is there that these wrong does have some support from the top also either political or administrative.
    Knowledge is power.

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    One thief who was caught admitted that he is the habitual offender and used to theft the vehicles for pleasure trips and leave at the spots.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    One who is always a wrong doer won't be intrested to do any right thing. Because he may have lived in a bad environment . Picking a car from parking just for the sake of pleasure would definitely create problems for people. It would develop a huge mental burden on the owner of the car. Mostly treading on the right path seems difficult to many and look for easy money ,therefore, are enticed towards the wrong direction and keep stealing precious things earned from the hard earned money of money. Habitual offenders must be curbed and instil better sense and develop better qualities that people love.

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    The author is right. Bad people are more than good people. Committing theft for fun or money ultimately punishment is the same. People have no work. When they have no work , they indulge in wrong activities and sometimes, in crimes too. Once they have entered the world of crime they find no way to return. Their names are enlisted in local police station. Any incidence of theft is occurred , first, they will be picked up by police whether they have committed a theft or not. Whatever situation may be for a person, even the worst one, he shouldn't indulge in committing theft. His life will change into Hell, he will not have any other option except becoming a professional thief.

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    I think this nature is there in the majority of the people's blood in India. Irrespective of our shortcomings we want to be the winners and in this process, even some really deserving people suffer also we never born. People start comparing themselves with others and want to have everything that others have, There is nothing wrong in this. But they should try to achieve that by all ethical ways. But there the only problem comes. They try short cuts and deceive people.
    A thief has accepted that he committed that theft. But many people will not accept and try to manipulate the things in their favour. They know that this is not correct but never accept that.

    always confident

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