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    Do you ever see a child in you?

    Do you ever ponder over childness in you? As long we are a small child as long our childness remains intact but gradually, along with time, our childness begin to disappear somewhere and we keep on searching our lost treasure. But over time we forget everything which ever belonged to us. Sometimes, I wish if I could find my childness out of blue, I would keep it safe. Sometimes, I behold any face and ilk which gleams with the glow of innocence, the innocence which intertwined with childness. Their way of conversation, manners, body language and even puerile way of innocence rekindle in me a feeling of watching a child in them rather affectionately. We should not let our childness die. Protect it from all storm and preserve it for sustenance.
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    Childhood days are the best days of our lives. No responsibilities.No egos. Always playing and enjoying. Children never look for the richness of the person to have a friendship. They smile at anybody we wish them.
    When we sit and think about our childhood, some events of our childhood may come into our thoughts and make us happy. Everybody thinks that we should go back to those days. But we all know that it is not possible,
    Even after becoming aged also some times, our thoughts will be like a child. We behave in a childish way sometimes. This we will see in us as well as in other people also.
    There is a saying that children and old people are similar so as we grow old we may be getting into our childhood days again. Our deeds as children might have given enjoyment for many people. But our similar deeds as old people may not be given similar treatment.

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    Truth be told, childhood days are the best. When we were younger we used to think when we will grow up and now when we grow up we think, we wish we were living a childhood life again. The responsibilities that come after growing up suppress the child inside the human being And it seems to us that childhood cannot come back now, but then when suddenly we have a small deal with our parents, it becomes clear that our inner childhood is not over yet. And we should never separate that childhood from ourselves because we are living today after that childhood. Humans can either wake up their child among their loved ones or in private when no one is around them. I believe all parts of ages of life have their own importance but we should not forget our previous age group time and its lovely memories and try to remind them by including them in your behavior.

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    The days spent on childhood is not likely to come back but some of the memories are still vivid in our minds. Recapitulating those events provide us immense pleasure and we often think how fine it will be share all such events. However, we cannot behave in that way keeping in mind of our adulthood. There was no barrier in mixing the people and we were often attracted to smiling faces and went ahead for further contacts which ultimately turned into friendship in due course. The sweet memories of childhood is difficult to go by. Whenever I remain under stress, I prefer the old nice days should flash in mind than to think of the present strenuous issues.

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    Being an adult, I cannot go back to my childhood days, but reminiscing various moments of those bygone days do bring back my child-like attributes. I share them with my family, and it leads to some discussion. It invariably makes the atmosphere cheerful and gives impetus to the innocent soul lying beneath my matured entity. As a mother, I am strict at times but behave like a friend too whenever required to my child. I even fight with my son for a blanket. At times, I make all sorts of excuses for various reasons, which I used to do with my siblings during my childhood. Even I quarrel with my husband for no concrete reason, then make friends with him that fills our lives with fun in simple things. So, living like a child is very much essential to make life a little hassle-free. Thus, I do see a child in myself that gives me immense pleasure.

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    I don't let the childlness die in myself. That's important in life. Children are innocent and don't remember the things for a long so like them we should also forget and forgive the people for their small mistakes and should always be friendly with others.

    Just to keep things in heart and mind doesn't let our relationship good with the people. The people who always behave like mature person are not liked by others . Sometimes we should leave our seriousness in our life and forget everything and act like a child as that will definitely let our stress out of our mind. Also that will help to make friends. I do that when I am with my friends.


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    It is the fact that the childhood habits would not fade away and we are not going to miss the past childhood traits as long as we live in this world. While children we inculcate the habit of doing things with left hand. Though that was a casual approach, that would become the personal trait for us in even the old age, Likewise those who have the habit of excelling during the childhood in every field, they would continue the same with same degree of success and that is the reason being so the elders used to say that the childhood habits would not die. And we always cherish our childhood habits for sure.
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    It is said that there is a child hidden in every grown up. We may become old but sometimes we yearn for our childhood to come back and enthral us in the same way as it did at that time. So that desire proves that there is a child hidden in most of us.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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