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    Supreme Court has stayed the implementation of new farm laws

    As we all are aware that some farmers were agitating against the new farm laws and the fight between Govt and agitating farmers was going on for quite some time. Finally the case was put up to Supreme Court and it has today stayed the implementation of new farm laws and at the same time constituted a four member committee to examine the issue in great details to resolve it once and for ever. How do you look to this decision taken by the Supreme Court? Will it eventually help in finding a solution to the problem? Please share your views in this burning issue in our country.
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    Despite the Supreme courts stay in implementing the law and formation of a committee to find a solution, the protesting farmers are still adamant with their demand to repeal the farm laws. They are not happy with the formation of a committee. What to do? How to convince the stubborn farmers?
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    According to farmers all four members of this committee are pro-government. They have been speaking or writing in favour of these laws. Farmer leaders are reluctant to accept this committee. They say that the government has passed these bills so government will take decision in it.
    They say that farmers from Rajasthan, Mahrashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttrakhand, U.P., Odisha have joined them. They are taking their protest to all states in coming days. The country is heading towards a dangerous situation. 26th January is not easy to go. Farmers will enter Delhi. Police has errected barricades. Tractors can remove these barricades easily. Opening fire on them will be a tough decision.
    I wish to see a peaceful day on 26 January .

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    The decision of the Apex Court to stay the implementation of the three Farm Laws is welcomed by the agitating farmers. They are against the formation of the four-member committee to hear both sides and submit a report to the Supreme Court. The committee has no power and the Government or the farmers may not accept its report. This is only prolonging the issue but no solution will be arrived at. The farmers want nothing but the repeal of the laws and the Government is firm on the implementation of the same. The stalemate will continue and we have to wait and see how this agitation going to take shape. The Supreme Court also has not gone into the constitutional validity of certain issues. It may take up them at a later stage.
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    I am naive about this whole process suggested by supreme court. As a matter of fact, Supreme Court can't repeal any law passed by parliament whereas any decision of Supreme Court can be quashed by the parliament because parliament is above Supreme Court. Now this committee has been constituted by the Supreme Court to take any amicable solution. Suppose this committee takes a final decision to repeal these laws then - will these laws be repealed? It means that Supreme Court can go against parliament. But there is no such clause in constitution that Supreme Court is entitled to do it.
    Will you elucidate it?

    Farmers have clearly rejected this committee then how an amicable solution is possible. They are adamant on their stand that 'No home-return until laws returned'.

    Second issue comes up - can it be fallen in contempt of Supreme Court?
    If yes, then on what basis Supreme Court will punish them because they have never asked supreme court to settle their dispute as a mediator. Moreover, they are also not a party of this process discussed in Supreme Court.

    Third aspect is that if Delhi police' appeal is accepted by Supreme Court to stop farmers from entering Delhi on 26th proposed March. Then police can use force, even bullet, obviously result will be in lose of many lives. Will the situation not worsen in the country?

    Is this dead-lock changing into dead-end?
    Then whole exercise will go in vain. Ain't it?

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    It was expected from the court that it wants to settle the issue through the expert committee and therefore the case has to be put on the hold. But the court has forgotten the fact that already farmers across the country are enjoying the benefits and they would be denied now. The govt has been pleading with the court that it may be allowed to continue the farm laws but the court seems to be defiant. Now the case may take few months and more and the farmers are denied their legitimate benefits. Now what will happen if the farmers across the country would start the stir to continue the laws. What the SC has the answers?
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    The Supreme Court's intentions in appointing a committee may be honorable to ease the tension and create a peaceful atmosphere to arrive at a solution, but it did not examine the legal and constitutional validity of the three farm laws. It may take up these issues at a later time. The recommendations of the committee formed are not binding on the Government of India(GOI) or the farmers. The question of contempt of the court does not arise as the Supreme Court cannot force either the GOI or the agitating farmers to accept the recommendations.

    The tractor rally is expected to take place after the Republic Day parade. There should not be any problem if it goes off peacefully. The Delhi Police may not allow the farmer's tractor rally and there is a chance of using force on the farmers. This all depends on how the GOI reacts as the Delhi Police is under the control of the Ministry of Home Affairs.
    I am not expecting that an amicable solution is possible. How the situation will unfold depends on GOI. The Government is dealing with some sections of formidable farmers who are not likely to give up their agitation. Yesterday, the Advocate General mentioned infiltration of Kahalistani supporters into the agitation and the Supreme Court asked him to submit an affidavit with necessary proofs. This indicates the intentions of the GOI. The agitation is so far peaceful and I hope that it ends in a peaceful manner.

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    The main objective of the Supreme Court to take this decision is that, in the meantime, some amendments should be made in the bill based on mutual negotiations of politicians and formers, and recommendations of the committee, which are in the interest of both. It is got to know through communication channels, pieces of news, etc. that the Supreme Court said that they will set up a committee to solve both the problems of the farmers and the country. If the farmers want a solution, then they should appear before the committee and put their point in the comfort and understand the matter of others and if the farmers only want to do the movement then they can do it but only by the movement, the solution will not be possible.

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    My worry is this. If we cannot sit and talk to find a solution to our own problem within our country with peaceful talk for negotiation, how could we solve our problems with our neighbouring countries and solve our border issues? Farmers are not willing to follow the Supreme Court's directives, but is stubbornly maintaining their demand to repeal the three laws. And government is also not willing to repeal the laws as 90 percent of the farmers are happy with the law.

    By going ahead with their tractor rally, they are inviting trouble to themselves, on the day of a national celebration. They should plan their tractor rally some other day, not on Republic Day. Their tractor rally with 5000 tractors would be a nuisance to the public of Delhi with sound and air pollution. The so called protesting farmers are trying to enjoy a jollyhood ride on the Delhi roads.

    I would call it as a luxury protest by the rich farmers who own their own tractors bought on subsidy rate through the government.

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    One thing is clear. New laws can't be implemented till the stay is vacated. The existing laws will only be in force. To that extent, the farmers should be happy. The GOI can't go ahead with the new laws.
    Next comes the formation of the expert committee. A committee has been formed. The committee will examine the whole issue in detail and it will submit its report with its recommendations. But the recommendations are not binding either on the GOI or the agitating farmers. If it is not acceptable to them, again we are back to square one.
    The whole exercise will be futile and the stay will continue.
    A solution should arrive between the two participating parties. Then only we can find a solution. Otherwise, a decision has to come from the Supreme Court based on the report from the committee or by other means. The decision from SC will be binding on both the parties.

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    The Supreme courts directive to stay the three farms laws should be considered like a stick placed across the wheel spokes. Neither the government can implement nor the farmers can follow the laws. It is a stop now. The Government and the farmers can relax, and talks can go on peacefully between the government and the farmers. Even the dialogue can be dragged till 2024. This stay is a temporary solution to end the problem. It is high time for the farmers to give up their protest and return home to resume their work in their fields.
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