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    Being old-fashioned is a style or mindset?

    At times, we call a person old-fashioned. It may be because the person prefers a style that is outdated and does not like things which are in vogue or maybe the persons who are calling her/him outdated moved ahead much faster. If you interact with such old-fashioned people you will find them saying what was done by the previous generations is correct and the new generation is not following the right way and possibly running themselves. Arguing with them on this issue will be of little use because they will give many such examples to convince you. They always think that mankind progressed because of the work done by the previous generations and the people of the new generation do not have any role in it. While every generation is working a lot to move ahead denying the new generations their equal share is not correct in any way. People must have choices and nobody can question it but if the mind doesn't progress according to time it will be really difficult to respect others' choices. You may think being old-fashioned is a way or style of leading lives but it is quite associated with the mindset rather than choice.
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    Being a old fashioned should not be seen with the critical eye. There are people who draw inspiration and tow the idea of others who are more dear to them. And by virtue of having whole some experience and lessons from the elders of their sort some are enable to take further the legacy of old thoughts and that is good for the self and others. I do agree that the present generation does not have the attachment nor the likes to follow the advise of elders and they just listen for the sake of it but does not give the credence to elders words. One thing is sure what ever the old fashion we think are the authenticated and trusted and even believed behavior to which even today there is a value and care. It is left up to the virtue of younger lots to either follow the herds or abide by the elders say because there is nothing wrong to follow good traits.
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    Human psychology is receptive to new things and change in the life. After staying in house for a long period we yearn to go outdoors. But after some long hours in outdoors we again want to come back to the cosy and comfort home. So change is required and the fashion is baed on that only. In many societies being old fashioned is seen as a sign of backwardness and in parties and gathering such people are ignored by the fashionable people. In my opinion being old fashioned is not a mindset but it is a way of life where people feel pride in it. If I am old fashioned and get up early in the morning and go for a walk then is it not a thing to feel pride of?
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    Some people are receptive to new things and some people resist to see any changes. As far as being old fashioned is concerned it's merely a gap between two generations. Changing can't be curbed. New generation likes the latest fashion and style what they see on the silver screen, in sportsperson and other celebrities. Nowadays keeping shave or light beard is trending. You may notice it that most of the new blood is keeping a beard. People of old generation or you can say those who are 40 years old and don't like the latest fashion trending in the new generation. Old generation assumes that they are more knowledgable, smart, pragmatic and new generation think that these oldies are obsolete and don't know how the world is trending in the present age.
    This clash of generation will never stop. It's ever ongoing ways of two generations and it will continue.

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    As long as we are not going away from ethics and values, a change in fashion may not be a problem. Not changing according to society and continuing with the old fashion will be a way of life only.
    I know a teacher who used to teach excellent English language in the school used to speak in his mother tongue only in his house. It is his way. He wanted to continue the tradition of his family even though he is very good at another language. We can't say he is an old-timer. He is doing it with an intention and there is a reason for his action.
    Whether it is an old fashion or a modern development as long as they are within the social norms I think we need not worry about it. The individual will have his own choice

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