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    Be a trendsetter with a uniqueness

    Every one does the work and the aim is to complete the same and not to compete with others. If the target is to complete the work there are many ways to authenticate your mark of working and that would prove to the others that you have attempted the same with uniqueness and thus pave way for a trendsetting or even bench marking such works. Small ways of bringing in abiding rules by others is the great trait to be a leader of all sorts. The way you perform should baffle others and not bring the rave reviews.
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    Working in an orderly way and within the boundaries of an organisation, adhering to its policies, is a big quality and I would say that few people possess it. These people do the things which others imbibe. They are the trendsetters and they are the bench marks for many of us. We may envy them but from inside of our heart we want to be like them. What can be the bigger accolade for a person when we say that we want to be like him. But such traits do not come easily in life. They require a strict discipline and order accompanied with a will to excel and progress in ones career.
    Knowledge is power.

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    When any work one has in his hand he has to complete it within given time with perfection and whole process which he went through is trendsetting for others or not is secondary issue. However, it may be a trendsetting effort for some people but not for all late comers except those who are influenced or are subject to them. Uniqueness is hard to come by and practically, it is not easy to be seen. Generally, everybody follows conventional ways to complete their work and fulfil their responsibilities.

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    The way we all work can be different, and the purpose of the completion of the work of the people may also be different. The author has rightly said that completing the work should be considered as the ultimate goal and not a competition with others, only then the real prosperity of the work will be considered. There are fewer people who are loyal to their works and such people get a different identity in a society on their own. When you do not copy people and plan your work according to your ability or other circumstances, then your work definitely looks unique.

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    True. We should always aim to work in such a way that our work will be benchmarked by others and they try to reach that standard. That will give us immense happiness. When others say that our way of working is the best we will have a feeling of happiness.
    But the way of working will differ from person to person. The individual will adopt his own way based on his abilities and ease. As long as the way is ethical, we need not worry about the path but we should see the result. Many people try to follow somebody else. But the way of the other person may not be your cup of tea. So you should see what is the best way that you can adapt based on your skills and abilities. That will bring in value. Many times we see people failing in their attempts as they try to follow some others who are successful. Observe others and see what best suits you and then follow. It will make you unique and you will receive appreciations.

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