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    Prove yourself with your actions.

    Many times there is a time in your life when people do not understand your words and thoughts. Even if you are thinking good for the front one but people do not want to trust you.

    The reason could be anything, like, you have done something in the past due to which you have been not trusted and people no longer consider you worthy of trust. There may be other reasons as well.

    So at such a time, no matter how much you try but still, people do not trust you. In such a situation, the best solution is to prove yourself less by your words and more by your actions. When your deeds prove you, then the world understands you, believes you, and follows you.
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    We know some phrases and sayings are commonly heard and believed- like.
    -Do what you say.
    -Don't preach others until you practice upon it.
    - Actions speaks out loud than your words.
    -Tall talks are useless if no action is taken
    - etc
    I think all these and such sayings are related only and only to common people. They focus on it that we should work rather than speak or hollow talks. What new trends going on in our country have completely changed the whole system in our society (particularly in Muslims society). If you have enough money and infrastructure to create a fake edifice there is no need to work except speak, provided that you have perfection in organising a pretentious event management. You need to resort to loudspeakers to spread a series of publicity and propaganda in a systematic way. All goody goodies will spread apace that will mesmerise all and sundry from top to bottom and everyone will be saying about you - You are great. Interesting thing is that even the educated class will be hypnotised. And some people who still have brain at its place will be declared as fool or anti-progressive elements.
    This new fashion is trending everywhere.
    Do nothing and speak a lot but use these tactics and enjoy your fake status of 'amazing people'.
    It makes me transfixed to ponder over it and I find myself as babbling around.

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    Let our actions speak should be our policy these days. Otherwise, there will not be any difference between us and politicians.
    Many people say many morals and theories to others but they will never do what they say. Such people will never be respected by others and will be taken lightly. Instead of that by doing and showcasing our achievements and telling that we achieved the results by adopting these procedures, you will be respected by one and all.
    So if you want to prove that you are correct you have to show the actions and results of those actions but on simple words.

    always confident

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    Actions always speak louder than the words. Few people think that they may be able to impress by talking to them but in the starting they impress people but their actions afterwards tells what they are.

    I had a friend who used to pretend as if he is my best friend but I was mistaken because when I needed his help he did not turn up and made me release that by just saying it that I am his friend is not sufficient one has to prove it by the actions. On the contrary I have always proved my worth by my actions.

    Actions are needed when we commit for the goals. Many people make huge commitments when it comes to goals. However, those words are of no value if we don't act. Most of the people make resolutions on new year and many of them don't fail to meet them because they don't back them with the actions.

    We must act more than we talk for anything.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Talks and speeches may impress people in this world but the real assessment comes when actions are made. 'We will do it and we will do that' is not going to help until it is followed by strong and determined actions. Action speaks itself and does not require any proof or justification. We should not assess people on what they talk and tell but keenly observe their actions and then only give them any respect or consideration.
    Knowledge is power.

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