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    You don't know who is your enemy

    Everyday we hear or read news of rape, murder, theft, looting and kidnapping. In some cases perpetrators are close relatives. I read a news which shocked everybody. A boy was kidnapped. Parents reported to police station. Police put their mobile on surveillance to trace the number of culprits if they make any call for ransom-money. Parents were worried for the safety of their only son. But kidnappers didnot make any call. His relatives and friends were consoling them that their son would return soon safely. But they have lost peace of mind. One day they received a letter from the gang, in which ransom of 50 lac rupees was demanded.They immediately informed the police. Police asked them to arrange this amount. It was not a big amount for them. Then another letter came in which date and place of delivery was mentioned. Police, in civil dress, cardoned off the area where the money was to be delivered to kidnappers. But nobody came. Then another letter they received after two days which warned them not to inform to police again as they did last time. Parents were sacred. They were in dilemma whether or not they should inform police. The father shared this warning with his close relatives and friends who advised him to inform the police but his elder brother advised him not to inform police lest they should kill the son as Rs 50 lac was not a big amount in return of the son. But all of them pressurised the father to apprise the police about this warning , therefore, he informed the police. But after it no information came from kidnappers. After some time police found dead body of his son lying in bushes along the road. Parents had lost their world. All their happiness had disappeared somewhere.
    Police started investigation. After a few days police caught the culprit. He was none but uncle of the boy.
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    Our enemies will be around us only. They act as our friends and try to cheat us. These days it is happening many times many places. We believe some people and tell them some confidential things. But they will not keep that confidence and they cheat us.
    Till yesterday I had a driver. I treated him very nicely and even helped him while he was constructing his house. But he tried to take loans from other people mentioning my name. They came and told me. I warned him sometime back. But the day before yesterday I got a similar complaint and I was forced to remove the home from his duties. Now I am in a lookout for another driver.
    The moral of the story is that we should not believe anybody without verifying him and studying him properly. We should be careful even with close relatives also. These days money has become important and relations are secondary.

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    Agree with the author. Such frightening tragic events are happening in abundance nowadays. People have become so blind in the greed for money that the word like humanity has completely disappeared from their minds. For any family, the safety of the children in their home is the most important and money is not important in front of the children, the same thing is availed by the greedy kidnappers who can really be. In this environment, parents are so scared that they are unable to trust anyone for the safety of their children. The incident of one such family came in the newspaper some time ago, it was not greed for money but to avenge the family rivalry, the innocent child was kidnapped and killed. When will people finally understand, the value of one's life is neither enmity nor money and no one has the right to take the life of another or to play with one's life.

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    Greed of money makes people enemy of their own kith and kins. In most of the rape cases of minors close relatives are involved, we read this daily in newspaper. We cannot rely even on our close relatives these days.

    Recently in news I read that a person lost his two kids and after investigation it was found that their maternal uncle kidnapped the kids when they were coming back from the school to home and after 2-3 days he was scared that he will be caught so murdered both the kids and threw the dead bodies in a sewer and was caught by the police . It was sad because the parents lost their both the kids and only they lost their world no else got harmed with the incident.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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