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    Some learn only after a storm of disaster.

    We see many types of people in the world, some very successful, some got a failure, and some of them are an average success. In which everyone's learning method is also different and everyone's work capacity is also different.

    The biggest weapon of our life is the hidden power within us and the ability to learn, which we should use more and more at every tough time.

    Some people learn from their first mistake and others learn from the mistakes of others. But there is also a type of people who do not learn easily. Such people are negligent until a huge storm comes into their life, and only then these people realize their powers. It is also seen that sometimes these people also make an identity in history.

    How do you adapt to learning in your life? Do you also learn from the mistakes of others or just from your own mistakes?
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    Mistakes are not strange things for. They are part of our daily lives. Normally, we do mistakes. Repeating same mistakes again and again is not acceptable. It is foolishness to repeat mistakes. If I take some lessons from my mistakes I can assess that I am at right place but If I don't take any lesson then nobody can be so stupid as I am. Learning lesson from others' lives is also good.

    There is nobody who never does any mistake as everyone is fallible but we should not be adamant on our mistakes. Sometimes, we deliberately do mistakes because it will create problems for others, reason is that some of us are jealous of others, therefore our mistakes will cause some untoward situation for them.

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    Daily life is the lesson for us but some wants take action when the things go out of way and they take action when the situation demands sudden action and by that time the situation may go bad to worse. It is always suggested that the time of action should be perfect and the problem has to be attended at the beginning itself and not after aggravating. One thing is sure if we take it easy on the situations, it is not going to serve the purpose and by attending to the problems even slow way it can be redressed. But never allow the problems to escalate and that gives rise to new issues of no return.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The nature of the persons differs from person to person. Some will not like to do mistakes. So they try to understand the subject and then try to plan the method and do the work with real-time reviews. But some people will not do much homework and start working.
    Some people will think that they know everything. Such people go fast ahead and by the time they understand the mistake, they might have gone a long way. Such people stop there and try to rectify the mistake and go forward. But some very foolish and they think whatever they do is correct. Convincing such people is very difficult.

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