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    Social values are on decline

    Social values are inherited from past generation to next generation and over the time these social values, sometimes, are reformed or take other shapes or sometimes, are eliminated by new-age generation.

    In past, we had some social manners which stand for respect of elders whether they were relatives or strangers and some of them are as follows.
    - That no younger person could sit on the headrest side of the bedstead or cot if an elder person would be sitting on legs-rest side/ lower part of the bedstead or cot. This social etiquette is on the decline. We have almost forgotten it now because the cot which was commonly used to rest and sleep upon at home is gradually on extinction. However, in villages, this social practice still exists. Elders are being seated or laid on the headrest side and younger ones sit by their legs. It looks good to me.
    - If an elder person is standing all younger members will not dare to sit until he will also be seated. Now it's also on the decline.
    - We would pay salam (vadakkam) to our elders and we never shook hands. I never shook hands with my father or elder brothers or uncles in my whole life.
    - My wife still follows all old social etiquettes. If any woman/ relatives visit our home and suppose she is doing any household work she will leave it and will sit with her.
    - If a group of few young boys is standing somewhere along the road, talking or joking or laughing, if an elder person passes by them, they will stop talking or joking or laughing and after paying greetings they will keep on silent until the elder person has passed them. This manner still exists in my town.

    Such social values and etiquettes are still followed in remote areas but gradually, these are on the decline because TV, internet have their effect on people, especially, young generation. A young boy or girl does not care who has come home when he/she is engrossed in mobile.
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    Surely the social values are on the decline and even no trace. Gone are the days when the children are reared by the grand parents care and they used to learn the moral values and social values but these days the parents are not having time to teach social values as both of them are working as there is no time for them to share the good things to the children. And how to behave with the elders and how to talk others are still on learning basis. One thing is sure the social and moral values need to be maintained and parents are alone responsible for creating conducive behavior in children.
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    True. Respecting elders is on the decline. When the father was standing his children never used to sit before him. But now no son cares for his father. When an elder person comes in any younger person sitting will get up and offer his seat to him if there is no vacant seat there.
    Basically, all these practices are being observed by the young people and then practice. The elders also will be teaching them. The teachers in the schools and parents have to teach these points to the children from their younger days so that they will follow them.
    These days many of the young people are of the opinion that they are more knowledgable than the old-timers. So they never think that they have to respect the seniors. This feeling has to go from the minds of the people. Then only we can see these practices coming back into existence.,

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    The old convention of respecting elders is dying slowly in our country because of the fact the younger generations are of the opinions that they are better learned and experienced than the older ones. In the earlier times, there was some ways to show the respect of older generation. They would remain in the silent mode when they watch some elders are approaching them and as a mark of respect, they would appreciate the dialogues of the seniors if they share before the younger generations. It was a natural courtesy of the younger generations and with the time such a culture has diminished slowly.

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    Change is an inevitable thing in the society and with time it takes place whether we like it or not. We are hurt when we find that change is not in a desired direction. There used to be a joint family but now no one likes this idea and that is why many old age homes are coming up to accommodate the old people. It is going to be a big business area in near future. Earlier arranged marriages were there and children never challenged the wisdom of their parents now the situation is completely reversed as the elders have no courage to challenge the younger people who search their life partner themselves. Likewise many changes have come and more are on the anvil and it does not seem plausible that old patterns would be coming back later in the society.
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    Society is changing day by day and in a great pace. Old values are being ignored and new patterns are emerging in these modern times. Younger generation is different from their elders and do not agree for the older principles of social values. The materialistic approach to the life is also a big element in bringing these changes. Money is becoming the primary concern and to earn that young people are forgetting all the etiquette in life.
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    Perhaps you are right according to you, but I believe that every generation learns from their ancestors. Social values will never be let down if we want to. The same trend is still in my family that if we are busy with anything except having food and at the same time my father or grandfather or any other elder member comes, then we stand and talk to them, only when they sit and after that when they ask us to sit then only we sit. I know this may sound strange today's time and my friends also feel strange to see it because there is no such culture in their house. But my father does not even sit in front of my grandfather in my family, so we have learned this from our elders. we feel good about doing so, it is not our duty but honor, which gives us happiness from within when elders blessed us. I strongly believe that we should never forget our social values, as they have a great effect on our life.

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