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    Board games are a productive hobby

    Board games such as carrom, chess, ludo and many others are productive hobbies. These games can be played both in online and offline mode. To win, you have to be alert and proactive. There has to be a strategy to tackle the next move of the opponent. People who are great strikers can play well carrom. Chess requires intelligence, wit and creative mindset. This game is based on the level of alertness and smart thinking. The more you are alert, the chances of your winning is high. One wrong move and the whole game changes. One smart move can block all the moves of the opponent and ultimately, you win the game. Tactical knowledge of chess have to be mastered. Ludo is a very popular and common game played by all age groups. It requires basic addition and subtraction skill in order to make the best move. The winning scope sometimes based on uncertainty. Overall, the game is entertaining and a great family pass time game.
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    These games are popular for decades. Ludo is a family game. After having dinner my family members would like to play ludo. But two players could not play together. At least 8 players would play. Four active players and four passive players or supporters - as one to each of them. If anybody would cheat, rest three plus three would protest against cheating. Then some other elder would mediate.
    Now, sometimes, some of us play ludo on their mobiles. I would love to play chess but now nobody has time or interest to play chess because it takes much time.
    Now I am thinking that I should purchase ludo and restart playing it.

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    All the board games the author has brought out are good games to pass time. However, these games are not played regularly. These games are played only for a few days when the board is bought and brought to the home. Maybe a week or so, it would be interesting to play. Later they remain in a corner to rest for many long years. The board would have lost its smoothness, or the chessboard items would be missing or the dais would have gone for a six. It is my good experience at home and in the office.
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    Board games have their own charm. They area very good for passing the time as well we can play them in the family in a cordial and affectionate environment. In many families the parents play these games with the children just to keep them in good spirit and control their distractions here and there. So, these board games have many such utilities also. When I was in my school life we used to play snake and ladder, ludo, bagh-bakri, monopoly, carom etc. Out of all of them I somehow liked the monopoly as it had an immense potential of planning and strategy. Today we are playing these games in online but most of the online games are having a lot of violence in them. I still prefer board games over the killing the devil ones.
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