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    Lost some points, but learnt a lesson

    A while ago I was going through my forum thread, Time and tide halt human emotions, and found one grammatical mistake. I saw the edit button, and without thinking, I clicked it. I corrected the silly mistake and submitted it once again. Well, the point got deducted from 16 to 5. So, I lost valuable points given due to the New Year contest.

    Undoubtedly, I am a little sad, but I learnt a lesson. I always ask for permission for correcting the errors, but today I just clicked the edit button without a thought. From now on, I will keep in mind that once points get assigned to the post, then no one should make any correction. So, it's an example of learning a lesson by committing a mistake.
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    We often commit such mistakes and to be frank I have done much complicated and silly mistakes earlier losing my chance to get the award in that specific case but I appreciate your courage that you have shared it with all of us and it would be a lesson for us also that we should not do anything in haste or carelessness. Sometimes habitually also we do such mistakes and later realise that it was instructed not to do so still we took that casually. A few days back I was completing one academic survey by some private university and after giving answers to a number of question I responded something opposite to my view and my survey was rejected that I was not attentively doing that. I lost 20 minutes time in that. Haste is always like that it never helps us in our lives. Anyway we learn by experience and these incidents help us in future.
    Knowledge is power.

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    No issue Shampa Sadhya, we shall revert the points back to you. Do let us know the link of the thread, the response ID and the CC, if any, you were allotted with.
    Patience and perseverance pays

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    @Dhruv, the Lead Editor

    I am sorry for editing the thread after being assigned enhanced points and cc. It will be nice if I get back the enhanced points which I lost due to my ignorance. Sharing the link of the thread which was submitted for the Forum thread challenge contest. My thread has won the consolation prize, and it was given enhanced points and cc as well due to it being the New Year related contest announcement. I had got 16 enhanced points and 16 cc. My points got deducted to 5 after I edited. Sharing the link of the thread:

    Time and tide halt human emotions

    Thank you very much for your consideration.


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    Thanks, Shampa for sharing the link of the thread and providing us with the background details as well. Your lost points have been restored. Next time do take care not to edit entries where additional points have been allotted. In fact, unless permitted by the contest organizers, we should not edit an entry once it is submitted. A little bit of grammar/typo error can always be ignored. Hope, we could address your issue.
    Patience and perseverance pays

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    Thank you very much for restoring my lost points. Yes, I have to keep it in mind that I cannot edit my write-up whenever I like. Thank you once again.


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