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    Why Truth is always bitter in taste?

    Truth always represents reality. The truth may give us happiness or sorrow according to its nature. We may accept it or we may unwillingly accept it according to the situation. If we cannot believe the unacceptable truth it is always bitter in taste. The truth may hurt us severely at first but it gives a clear view of anything. A lie may bring us so much happiness at first but later it brings so much confusion in life. It is better to live in truth rather than daydreaming in lies to spoil our lives. So it is always good to accept truth positively and live in reality. Members, give your beautiful ideas of this great saying.
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    What you said is the fact. Certain truths to certain people would be bitter in taste. Very recently, I told about an anticipated truth, but it was bitter to some authorities. It was not accepted and removed, and I was punished for putting up the fact. There are people who won't like others calling a spade a spade.
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    I agree with the author that truth is always bitter to listen and digest. People cannot digest honest opinions. It is sad to say that honest is slowly becoming an outdated policy. Often, we have heard people say that honesty is the best policy. But, nowadays, people take high interest in intensifying lies and deficit in order to fulfill their own ulterior motives. In this competitive world, all is fair in success and failure struggle. The struggle is validated even if the individual has opted for illegal means to reach to that level of success. For instance, a blockbuster performer is replaced by an under performer because of financial reasons. The blockbuster performer is removed by providing a false reason which ultimately leads him/him to frustration.
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    Human beings cannot tolerate truth because in general their lives are not truthful. They have many vices and they tell lies day and night to hide their deficiencies and bad actions. If we are truthful in our work and profession as well as in our social lives then there is no need to be afraid of the truth. If I have taken some bribe from a person and my son tells in front of the relatives and friends that the man from you took bribe came yesterday with a packet of sweets and bouquet to wish us then it will hurt me. My son is not doing any wrong thing and is telling a truth only but it is insulting for me as he innocently told it in front of so many people who consider me as a truthful and honest person. Many such cases are in our lives when it hurts.
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    I agree with the author that truth is butter in taste and it's the human nature that we don't want to be reminded of our mistakes. It inky irritates them but also they begin to feel enmity for someone who speaks truth on their face. They may also try to harm an outspoken person because they see them as their critics. In this situation it is safer to avoid them instead of speaking truth to them.

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    The truth may be bitter sometimes. We can't avoid it and we have to accept it. Otherwise oneday we may have to face the music as a result of not accepting the truth.
    Lord Krishna explained the truth to Drutharastra that he may have to suffer if he is not coming out of his love for his son. But Dritharastra never cared and thought that Krishna is deceiving him. Finally, what happened we all know. If he made some settlement in the initial stages itself as suggested by Krishna his sons might have been got saved. Like this many people suffered a lot by not accepting the truth.

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    The truth can be bitter and sweet too, it really depends on what is true. Also at times, the truth can be bitter for one person and maybe good for other people, who want to listen to the truth. Whatever it is, we should try to tell the truth in every situation, because while speaking the truth does not seem so bitter, but if the lie is caught further then the humiliation and embarrassment felt at that time will brings more bitterness in life. At the same time, trust is lost to people who lie. So if everyone always speaks the truth, then perhaps this bitterness of the truth will automatically reduce.

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