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    Is government going to give Covid19 vaccine to public free or people have to bear its cost?

    Already Covid-19 vaccine is in distribution to all regions of India. Mr.Modi during his speeches recently announced that they are providing vaccine free to all front line warriors. Is this indicates that the general public has to bear the cost of the vaccine by themselves? There is also one opinion in the public that the government is planning to announce a special tax to generate money to provide the vaccine to the poor. But already bearing a lot of taxes and in this bad economic condition of people is it good for the government to insist on further taxes? The head of the vaccine manufacturing company in India announced that their vaccine cost Rs.200 for a dose to the government. After the first phase of vaccine distribution, they sell it to the public for more than Rs.1000. Some other companies' vaccines cost also today we have seen in the newspapers, and they are costing more than Rs.2000 per dose. Actually, for this type of pandemics, mass vaccination is the most important preventive method. But if the government leaves the duty to take the vaccine by themselves many people may not take it and the purpose of vaccination cannot be successful.
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    I think if this vaccine is made available free of cost for all, then we can expect that majority of people may avail this opportunity, else only rich or highly health-conscious people will come to have dose. It is a typical mentality of people that they don't avail even free medicines let alone payable ones. Rs 1000/- per person is a big deal for a common man. Ultimately, the government will make it available free of cost. I think so.

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    There has been conflicting reports on this matter in the recent past as the vaccines rolled out to the destinations some reports say that it is totally free and some reports say the front line people would get the vaccines free and for others they have to shell down 210 rupees per person. But what I read two months back that the central govt was about to give the vaccines for free and allotted a whooping 60,000 crores for that. Nevertheless the govt can give free vaccines to the poor and make a charge for those who can afford or even sponsor the vaccine to the poor in that way some may participate in social cause.
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    I think Govt will give it free to the front line warriors whoever are identified by the Govt and at the same time they may make it free for all the poor people as per BPL card or other criterion. Rest will have to pay for it. It may also be possible that Govt may give it on some special subsidy so that people volunteer for it otherwise many people who have good resistance and have not fallen ill for last 10-15 years may think that their resistance is very good and why they should pay for this unnecessarily. So it is a tricky situation and let us see the decision by Govt.
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    There is no clarity on the subject. It is confirmed as on date is that all the front line workers will get the vaccine free of cost. There is no confusion in that. But I feel the government will give vaccine free of cost to all. Otherwise, they may control the price and see that all will have the vaccine and will not stay back as they can't afford the cost.
    The government can think of sponsorers. The government can decide on the price at Rs.200/- as it was mentioned by the manufacturer and individual s can sponsor vaccine to the poor based on their financial status. For example, if I can support 5 people to get their first dose of Vaccine, I can give thousand to the government and the government can offer free of cost to 5 people who don't have money to purchase. Like these people who have money can sponsor some people so that there will not be any burden on the government.

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    It is difficult to say anything definitively about this subject because the changes that have come from the statements of the government have been seen in the coming days. But still this time some things are confirmed. Providing the vaccine for free or in amount will prove to be of interest to Corona Warriors and poor people who can afford it, and other higher-middle-class families, etc. can also purchase the vaccine.

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