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    Can humans really survive in such a situation?

    It is said that if some arsenals and weapons are made, one day will come when they would be definitely used. If it is so then the threat of nuclear weapons is something which requires serious thinking by the various world Govt as it could lead to the extinction of human species on the Earth. A long war ending with nuclear holocaust is capable of wiping out all the development on Earth as the Earth surface would not be habitable for human living. Scientist and technical experts believe that in such cases the humans can survive for quite some time in the underground bunkers where all facilities like electricity etc can be generated and artificial food can be managed with the help of nuclear energy. After a long period may be when the Earth surface gets free of radiation people can move back to their homes. Do you think that humans can really survive in such a situation?
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    God forbidden such thing should not happen to us. We have been already battered with daily problems and the pandemic itself has pushed the countries to near zero with no development or economic activities and there fore anything on the lines of nuclear war would wipe out entire human habitat . What is the use of this world when every people would dies and the development wholesomely destroyed. When we cannot create anything for the betterment of the society, then we have no right to destroy the same and the nuclear capable nations should note this before embarking on the catastrophe.
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    Nuclear power is essential to keep the balance of power among the most powerful countries of the world, which, as the author is apprehensive about, may destroy mankind. These countries have so many nuclear bombs which can destroy this planet several times including other planets too. These countries manoeuvre their nuclear power to keep themselves superior to other countries. They use shock and awe policy to control the rest of mankind.

    Weapons of mass destruction have been made to destroy mankind, how ugly aspect of mankind is this. Despite it, these superpowers can't use nuclear bombs in any war. In near past, North Korea was creating a threat to the US, the most powerful country of the world but President Donald Trump had to talk to Kim J Un because their standoff could not go prolong, else it could be changed into a full-fledged war between two countries.
    The author seems to be worried about the outcome of nuclear war if ever happens. His fear is not baseless but it's also a fact that these nuclear bombs are only for show off for protection and maintain peace in the world. They can't be triggered off as they know if their enemy country is washed away they will have the same ramifications too.

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    I agree with Arafatuzzafar. These nuclear weapons are only for showing their strengths. The users know if they use those weapons, they will also not exist and the whole world will get destroyed based on the capacity of the bomb. I use first but some other country will use it on me. In that war, nobody will remain. Hence chances of using these weapons are very remote.
    But the countries will be spending money on making them and discovering new bombs so that they can keep a check on other countries. These are the ornaments to show the strengths of the nation and make other countries to treat them carefully, I feel.

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    When I was a kid, my mathematics teacher used to come with a long stick in the class. He never used it but again never forgot to bring that. Obviously, it was for a purpose to maintain discipline in the classroom. The same is with all these nuclear weapons. Countries need these to avoid attacks from other countries and to maintain discipline on a global level.

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    Nuclear weapons are a danger to the world. Just let us go back to August 1945. On the 6th and 9th of that month, nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. The loss of human life, the destruction, and the after-effects of that bombing are known to the world. As long as nuclear weapons exist, the danger is always there. We have seen North Korea and the USA threatening each other and boasting of their nuclear power recently. India and Pakistan also boast of nuclear power from time to time. Some of the countries perceive danger from other countries and stockpiling military arsenal. This military equipment is only for destruction. Very recently we have seen a powerful leader after losing the election, encouraged his supporters to cause violence. When such people come to power, where is the guarantee that nuclear weapons will not be used? Some people say that the military equipment is for self-protection. Self-protection leads to destruction, loss of life on both sides. I am sure that if war takes place anywhere in the future, it will lead to a nuclear war. It is the duty of all the peace-loving people to discourage their respective countries from acquiring military arsenal for the sake of peace in the world.
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    All of us are aware that nuclear weapons may prove to be critical in the near future if there is a growing hostility between the two countries. Hence existence of peace will be distributed with the strenuous relationships. We have seen the after ill effects of nuclear bombs when the same was dropped in Nagasaki and Hiroshima in August 1945. Though that phase was over but the disease related to that destruction has taken the lives of many innocent people.
    Hope there would not be repeatation of the same phase since they would think twice before undertaking any destructive measure. Nuclear bombs have now been the ornaments of the powerful countries and they would maintain showmanship with its exhibition.

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    You all have said about the nuclear weapon and expressed that it is only a show off to show their might. But just think about a mad guy coming to power and want to use the nuclear weapon held with him. He won't mind to destroy others and die himself. So, what is important is - We should not make a mad guy to the powerful post. Think about Hitler at this juncture.
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    In such a difficult situation the main problem that would come is of food and water for the human consumption. Once the nuclear war takes place the most of these sources would get contaminated and that would be the biggest challenge.
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