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    This harvest festival is sans the happiness

    Most of the South India were agog with activities of various sports and games slated to be celebrated for the Bhogi, Sankranthi and the Kanumu but this time the farmer stir has brought a pall of gloom in the villages and most of the farmers were on strike and not even cared to cut the harvest for the new season. Annadatta Sukhibahava goes the saying but we are not able to keep the farmers happy and the public who eat their produce are also not happy because there is no sense of good connectivity in these festivities.
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    So you also believe that most of the farmers are protesting, it means that the majority of farmers, directly or indirectly, is protesting against these farm laws. So why it's being said that a small portion of farmers is protesting against these laws, rest all farmers are happy with these laws? I don't understand this type of double standard of some people.
    I think some farmers are protesting against these laws and the majority of farmers, as per the protestors, is with them emotionally.
    I want to see them going back home happily and safely.

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    I am not finding much difference in my area in Andhra Pradesh. Farmers are also celebrating. They are enjoying the festival. This year in some areas the crop got spoiled due to untimely rains. So the income for sone farmers is less than what it is supposed to be.
    I really don't know whether the farmers are supporting the new farmer's bill or not, but there is no reflection of the same on the celebrations.

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    The atmosphere is fine in my area too, but it has not shown as much indignation among farmers as is being found in other northern states. Farmers mainly in the states of Punjab and Haryana are relatively more depressed and upset with that amendment. Here also, all classes have shown equal contribution in festivals. But it also cannot be denied that no matter which states the peasant class is from, but their hard work makes their importance in the whole country and at this time everyone should think about the peasant class.

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    I do not think that all the farmers are feeling like that in all over the country. Only those farmers who are against the new laws would be feeling the gloom. But why the farmers should correlate the agitation with the festival? It does not look logical.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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