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    We are also responsible for the bad character of our friends

    We keep and maintain friendship with those whom we have good understanding and long lasting . But unfortunately some friends also behave badly out of anger or fit of non compliance to which we are alone made responsible because we have sustaining their good behavior and take it easy for their bad behaviors too. If that is allowed and not cared the situation may escalate and the bad characters would multiply in the friends and that proved to be tricky for us either to continue such friends who have now proven to be worst.
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    Being a close friend of some people you have to care about them too. If you see they are misbehaving or going on the wrong path, you must grasp their hands from misled by their whims or misconceptions. If despite your all efforts they don't mend their ways and despite expounding them all pros and cons of these issues which you dislike in them, they don't listen to you, in this situation leave them behind and move on. They may be proven as problematic and troublesome for you also in the long run.

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    We should be selective in making friends. But once we are friends we should always try to keep up the friendship. So let us be more careful when we make friends. If a person is having some unwanted habits we should not go near to them. Sometimes once we became friends, our friend may start indulging in bad habits. As a friend, we are his well-wishers, we should try to bring him out of those habits. We should take all necessary steps so that our friend will not get spoiled. If the other person is having confidence in us, he may trust and accept our words. Otherwise, it is better to stop moving much with him.
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    We have a special attachment with some people and only then they become our best friends, but every person has goodness and evil. If we understand that there is a bad habit in our friend due to which he/she and other people are also can be damaged, then we should help our friend to overcome that weakness. It is easy to tell someone's mistake, but just telling him/her about the mistake or telling about bad habits is not enough. A true friend keeps his friendship at all times and situations and we do the same by showing our friend the right path.

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