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    Are your threads aimed at members or the internet at large?

    ISC has grown leap and bounds and every mention in this site is highly regarded and immediately indexed on the internet by Google and if our thread happens to be of greater importance that connect to the general public it does appear first on the search pages. How you program your threads when created to be hoisted? Are you aiming only the ISC members to solicit their replies and responses or do you raise such threads that has the ever lasting impact on the internet world and that induces response from even non members ?
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    This is really a very important question asked by the author. Whom do we target our posts? Whom do we want it to be read by? Mostly, we aim it for the members here who time to time respond to it and then the discussion prolongs further. It wold be definitely nicer if the surfers in the net are also going through it and finding it interesting and returning to these pages time and again. If it is happening then it is really a matter to rejoice and the takeaway from this is that we must try to design and give shape to our discussions in such a professional manner that a good chunk of traffic is generated which would be beneficial to the site and in turn we are also benefited. The purpose and objective of creating a business site in the internet is that only. Any activity which is helping in meeting those targets is welcome.
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    ISC is a platform where I can express my views on any topic, primarily, this is the main reason for taking part in discussion or starting some threads. Who and how many people are supposed to read my post doesn't come in my mind.
    Also I am not on google adsense. Probably, I don't fulfil their criteria for being registered on google a sense. I don't know my posts are widely read or not. I think the author being an experience member of this site may highlight this aspect of this matter as well. E.g. The author is on Google adsense his posts are widely read. Like he has started this thread and I am replying in this thread, so how all it works on Google adsense.

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    But some general topics do have the impact on the internet and that is for sure.
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    I don't know. I raise threads based on my thoughts and understanding. I never think about whether it will get some appreciation or not. I never think about how many people read it and post their ideas and feelings. Sometimes they may get good responses and sometime very fewer responses will come.
    How many people will read my post is never thought of. I never know whether all the members or majority of the members of ISC are reading or not?
    When we write articles and if more reads are coming for that article then we can think that we are doing a good job.

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    I always wanted to write my thoughts and also wanted people to understand my opinions and views and then give their response. ISC is a platform where I got an opportunity to share my thoughts with other authors and my knowledge has increased to some extent by discussing the forum with a lot of experienced people. But still, I need to learn a lot from you all in the direction of writing. My thread's objective is to bring my thoughts to everyone. Most of my threads are not currently based but are connected to some general aspects of life that come up many times in almost everyone's life. So I just want to spread my knowledge about those aspects of life by my threads.

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    A very good observation by the author. I also feel that out endeavour should be to write in such a way that a larger community from the society or surfers is attracted to our contributions. We do not know exactly how to do that but maintaining quality is one way to achieve that.
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