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    The world of workaholic people

    Many people have busy engagements and they are always having many tasks in hand to complete and for them time is always a constraint. It becomes very difficult for them to find out some time for their personal amusement and pleasure and they are known as workaholics in the society or workplace. Their family members often complain about this that they are always busy and not giving time to family. These busy people generally ask their family members to go for outings and pleasure trips to tourist places with the friends and relatives as they are not able to find time due to their busy schedules. Such people believe in the mantra of work is worship. Have you come across such people? What is your opinion about them?
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    Many people are wokaholic. Here, I think the example of shopkeepers is pertinent to be cited. I see them never missing from their shops. They close their shops once in a week as directed by administration. As in our town on Friday they have to keep their shops closed and even on Friday some of them go to their suppliers in cities and order of new items. I think these people are more workaholic. They are always on duty. They open their shops in the morning and remain there till evening .They don't go to relatives also. However, their other family members go to attend functions and spend hours but they themselves spare some limited time for participation there for half an year or one hour. An office goer can avail his leaves which he is entitled for. Calling them workaholic for them isn't right. But these shop keepers can be called as workaholic.

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    Those who are in important positions and those who have higher work responsibilities do work hard and they are workaholic too. Since they work continuously achieving one target after the other they expect the team members and rest of the staff also emulate the same. And those who are sincere at work, will not like to waste the time as they feel the attachment to the work and that shows is their performance and for them work is the worship. And those who are the workaholics are very much liked by the management because they can be trusted for any fast track decisions being taken by the company for compliance.
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    You would come across such people in our society having different positions in their services or they may be from other areas.
    While studying in my college, I happened to meet the Chemistry Professor having no time even for his lunch - always busy with teaching his pupils or guiding his scholars in the Reserch activities. His wife was fed up of his late approach of his residence - as late as 12:30 am or so. He had made it clear to his family members that he should not be distributed for trifle things and if needed, they should resolve the issues with their own.
    Similarly there are busy doctors around us and they may be termed as workaholics because of their deep attachment towards their professions.

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    I have seen many workaholic people during my career. The Managing Director of the company where I worked is one such person. He used to spend most of his time in the work only. But his work is mainly to coordinate between different people and see that works will be completed as designed. So from anywhere and everywhere, he used to call the person and talk to the people. So he used to go for camps either on official works or on his personal works but keep on contacting the phone. Sometimes I used to receive calls from him in the midnight also.
    He used to come once in a while to the factory and he used to spend more than 12 hours in the factory. He used to work with his own hands sometimes.

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    Workaholic people like to keep themselves busy in any way, for this it is not necessary that they have to be busy outside work or office work. Such people find work anywhere at any time. I have an aunt, formerly a teacher, but now a housewife. Her efficiency is much more according to their age and she is constantly looking for work. Many times we explain to her that rest is necessary at her age but she said she feels more ill, if not working. Perhaps she has adapted herself according to her workaholic nature or habit of working and even today she is still healthier than others.

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    Some people enjoy their work and do not find time for other things. This is alright for their own growth but they are not giving any time to the family members and that is not a correct thing as one should have a balance in life and excess of anything is not a good sign.
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