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    The habit of watching mobile immediately after waking up.

    Most people watch the mobile till bedtime at night and then put the mobile under the pillow and go to sleep. After waking up in the morning these people, the first thing to do is to take out the mobile from their pillow and check all the messenger apps or social media related apps, etc. Only then these people leave the bed. There are some people in my knowledge who, after waking up in the morning, they do not come out of bed for half an hour because first, they spend time with their mobile.

    But this is a bad habit. The first thing one should not keep a mobile near the pillow, because it is harmful. In case if you keep a mobile nearby because many want to watch the time in the morning, then only after watching the time you should keep it one side and then watch the mobile-only after 1 hour of waking up if needed.

    Nowadays this habit is not limited only to children and young people, but many elderly people also have a habit of doing mobile checks since morning. Everyone should change this habit, our time of the morning is for nature and our family, so we should spend time with them.
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    I sleep late at night and keep on using the mobile till I sleep but after getting up in the morning I don't rush to mobile. After morning prayer I take tea and then I pick up my mobile. ISC is the most visited site for me. I hardly visit any other website, even on Facebook, I spend a few minutes just to check the latest updates and then log out. A few minutes I spend on my email account to check new emails.
    Some people are almost 24 hours busy on mobile. One of my cousins lives in Pune. He is always on Facebook. He logs on Facebook in the morning and logs out when he closes his eyes to sleep. It does not mean he does not work. But his Facebook is always on and when he has time even for five minutes he picks out his phone from pocket and begins to play with Facebook.

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    The observations of the author are really true. I do exactly as the author observed. It is not good and I will avoid the habit of keeping the mobile under the pillow and also look at it only sometime after waking up.
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    Before going to the bed I update the mobile messages and after waking up I would surely look for the updates because there are every chance some one would have contacted us at the late hours or wee hours and we missed their calls. Moreover responding to the calls or the messages is the must for all those who fail to do should not use the mobile at all. Why because the mobiles have become the voice gadget of that person and even the text messages appearing on it is the feelings vent out by the person. There are some people who do not respond to miscalls as they feel miscalls should not be given credence at all . But invariably when we are busy and we find a miscall that has to be attended. But there are people who does the miscall even on the whats app free call facility and that is more disgusting.
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    Still,It is ok to watch mobile before going to bed and after waking up. Oftentimes , I have seen some people watching mobile during riding bike. I think it is very dangerous and accident may happen.
    It is very true that some people have completely addicted to mobile phone. One important thing is, we are living digital era where mobile is considered as one of the essential item rather than luxurious item. But, addiction for any thing is bad.

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    Yes, It is absolutely correct, it is very dangerous to watching mobile while riding or driving.

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    I never see the mobile immediately after getting up. I never keep my mobile under the pillow. I keep the mobile away in the night. Generally, I get up at 6 AM. From that time I will be busy in my morning routines. I complete my works and I complete my breakfast by 9.30 AM. Then only I open my mobile and see the messages. But I will never switch off my phone as there may be an important call. I don't use mobile for otherwctivities. I use my laptop more than mobile. All my internet activities will be on my laptop only.
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    Mobile has become an important part of our life. Now work from home and online schools have boosted its importance. I am not mobile addicted but to check on the updates from school and office, I need to check it frequently. Before going to sleep, it put my mobile on silent mode to avoid unnecessary disturbances due to WhatsApp messages and after getting up in the morning, I again change it to the ringing mode first (We have a landline phone for any kind of emergency calls during the night hours).
    Regarding putting the mobile below your pillow, it is very much harmful and even risky. I have heard many cases of mobile blasting in the past. Earlier I used to put an alarm on my mobile but later I got a small alarm clock to avoid putting my mobile closer to me.


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    Though mobile app has now been an indispensable apparatus for most of us and it has been possible to maintain the communication flow with our relatives and near and dear ones. We were in the habits of writing letters earlier. To that extent, it saves the time with the immediate communication through this app. However, we should be aware of the dangers associated with this app because of emission of radiation from the Mobile and hence it should not be even placed in the upper pocket of the shirt due to its dangerous emissions.
    I stop using mobile app after 9 pm so that it does not affect my sleep pattern. Keeping the same under the pillow would be the worst option because of its radiation effects. The best option would be to keep the mobile away from the bed to safeguard our health.

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    Mobile has become a second soul to the humans. It remains with it all the time and is not detachable like the first soul. I have seen some youngsters who keep the mobile pressed between their chin and shoulder while talking and then execute some small work in the house and they might be feeling that it makes them ambidextrous but it is not really so. The mobile menace is touching all time high and some people have become so much addicted of it. I simply imagine what would happen if they are sent to a remote place and not allowed to use their mobile.
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