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    The Rangoli desings at the forecourt of every home

    Sankranthi is the great festival of new harvest welcome and that is done through various ways. One such important actions being taken as the drawing and coloring of designs put as the Rangoli at the forecourt of every home. Actually in South India there would be competition among the house holds as to who would have the best design, best slogan and best Pongal wishes having inscribed on the designs. It is the fact that many house holds spend lots of time to bring their creative designs much to the delight of onlookers. Have you ever tried this?
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    I don't see Rangoli quite commonly in north India as it is popular in south Indian states. When I was in Delhi, my office was in a large building. The owner of the building was a south Indian. My office was located on the first floor, he would live on the ground floor. Every morning. I would see a rangoli at his door. Lady of the house was an artist. Every day she used to make beautiful rangoli of different designs.
    In northern states, especially, U.P. girls also learn to design rangoli but it is not as popular here as in south India. However, it looks quite nice to see beautiful rangolis.

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    In Andhra Pradesh, from December 15th Dhanurmasam started and it will be up to 15th January. During this month Rangoli in front of every house is a very common appearance. Ladies after their full day struggle in the house, they will spend one or two hours in this activity without caring for the winter and cold. These three festival days ladies will be very active. They make special dishes all the three days. Rangolis in front of the houses is the reflection of their happiness. Yesterday night my wife, my daughter in law and the servant-maid were busy for about 2 hours from 9 PM to 11 PM in this programme only.
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