Cosmopolitanism- an idea of the United World Community

Cosmopolitanism offers a concept to create a united human society as a single community despite religious, cultural, social, linguistic, ethical, regional, racial differences. This idea basically focuses on moral standards, economic practices, political structures and cultural aspects. A person who likes this idea and adheres to it is called cosmopolitan or cosmopolitan. Mutual respect to each other without being biased on differences between them is the essence of this concept. In this way, the whole world becomes a united community which stands for unity in diversity. The people may interact with each other freely as cosmopolitan. The geographical boundaries of different countries become meaningless when the unification of the world society is carried out in reality.
It projects global politics. Cosmopolitanism is said to promote the dismantling of national and patriotic traditions and national culture. Chauvinism or nationalism is dismantled from the surface of a cosmopolitan society.