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    It is extremely cold in January

    It's too cold nowadays. From Night till morning shivering-cold keeps most of the people inside homes. Temperature is very low, almost 3 to7 degree Celsius. The sun also does not come out of cloud till afternoon. A few days ago, it rained which resulted in extreme cold with a cold wave. Fog does not appear in the morning. In this scenario, road accidents occur almost daily. I am thinking about those farmers who are compelled to sleep under the flyover, under tractors or in tents. How much difficulties they are facing. But some people are so inhuman that they are ruthlessly attributing their camping as enjoying- picnic.
    This cold is not going soon. It will continue till February. It's 1:00 P.M. Now, the sun is out in the clear sky. The fog has been disappeared completely. People are basking.
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    It's basically normal

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    In Hyderabad, it is not that cold. Day time Sun is very active and nights also we are not feeling any cold. We are switching on a fan. We are not even using a bed sheet to wrap our body while sleeping. From the last two days, we see a rise in temperature. No cold at all.
    One week before the cold was high especially in nights but now the situation is changed.

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    It could be normal for you people but in northern part, it is too cold.

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    In Hyderabad it is reverse. While writing this post the fan is running in full speed as I feel the start of summer like situation here, Normally the severe winter would be present during these months and we get to go for the summer from the Sivaratri day. There seems to total imbalance in the climate across the country as the North has been experiencing the extreme snow with minus degree, the Middle of India having the winter, North part of South India is near normal and some some part of South India is having the rainy days. So mixed climate is being felt across country and that is very strange happening.
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    So much difference in climate .In Hyderabad you people are enjoying fan and we are in extreme cold.

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    I am in Bengaluru. The weather is cold. I still wear a sweater during the day and sleep under a blanket. True, the weather is abnormal than in earlier years. In my village in Tirunelveli which is near Kanyakumari is receiving rain for the last week. Today being Pongal day, due to rain, many could not set up their burner in front of their house to make Pongal.
    But for the north, cold is normal. They have learned to live in cold weather conditions.

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    January is generally the coldest month in the year. It is always unbearable cold in the Northern part of our country. The meteorology department has predicted that this winter is going to be cooler tun the average winters so far and so the situation may worsen more.
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    The cold is, as usual, this year, by January, the temperature falls below normal and the winds also blowing cold and fast due to which the cold rises. Still, if I talk in my area, I remember that the month of January was colder than the last year 2020. But yes it is also true cold is at its high peak on the month of January, these days, due to the cold air in the day, there is a feeling of cold in the sunlight as well. But after days the temperature will start to return to normal. As we know that the sun has started Uttarayan, the temperature in India will be relatively high in some days.

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    In Delhi it's too cold from last two three days. Also it's dense fog in the morning . I am in A shift this week and have to reach till 6 am so was difficult for me too reach office these days. From last few days I have been seeing the accidents on the roads which is due to the fog. Hope so the cold wave stops and people get relieved.

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    Sun, do not try to force your views. The reference was deleted because it is belittling the farmers on strike. Bringing up a point that was deleted for valid reasons is, I must say, unethical. Please do not resort to such unacceptable tactics.
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