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    Fear is necessary to adhere to rules and regulations and follow instructions

    In our lives we do many things because of the fear of being punished if we do not do those things. In a work environment it could be an assigned job or duty while in the house it could be some household job assigned to us. If the fear element is not there then the person will take things lightly and would not comply with the instructions. If doctor says to the patient that if he does not take medicine even for a day he would die then patient becomes too careful in taking it. If the teacher says that the students who are not serious, he would go to their parents and complain, become alert and attentive. In some countries there is death penalty for many crimes and naturally a person will think twice before committing a crime. The severity of punishment also plays a role in this. What is the thinking of the members on this matter?
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    Fear should be there always. Then only people will be careful. If somebody did a mistake. the courts will impose punishment. If that punishment is very high, definitely people will not commit such mistakes again and again. They will have a fear of doing that. When the punishment for traffic violations are very meagre people are not caring for those rules. Once the government started increasing the amounts, people started taking care and nor have a fear.
    When we are students we will have fear for teachers. So we will be very careful with them. They never misbehave in their presence. Generally. many children will have a fear of their father. So they will not make any sound before their father. They will secretly go to their mother and ask her for any favour.
    Fear plays a very important role in the discipline of the people. If there is no fear of police in society we will witness many unwanted happenings and it will become very difficult to have a peaceful life in our society.

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    The elements of fear are necessary so that we would not indulge ourselves in any unlawful activities. In our school lives, we were afraid of teachers not doing homework in the time alloted. That fear compelled us to complete the home assignments in time. The same can be extended in the other areas of our lives.
    Noncompliance of fuel certificate can invite you punishment from the side of traffic police and the absence of fear will multiply the deferment of such formalities.
    Fearness allows to remain motivated in our areas and wherever we are, we will have to follow the rules and regulations of that area. Boss of an organisation can punish you in case of non compliance of the existing rules of the company.

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    Fear of punishment stops a person committing any crime and encourage performing duty or assigned task. I agree with the author.
    But when this fear of punishment is over from mind of a person, he freely commits crime and shirk doing duty. It's also a fact.
    Some people ,however, don't needd any fear to work. They are self-motivated. They don't need any encouragement or fear to get start functioning. These people love their work and they are utterly dedicated and submissive to their duty and responsibility. These type of people are less in number.
    But most of the people love to work for money. They don't need any fear of punishment, rather, they do work for noney . They are professionals , so they don't mind what the work is , only money should be earned. They can do anything for the sake of money.
    Some people do kind of weird work which results in success, name and popularity. These people are adventurous. They like to venture out difficult task which common people don't dare to nerve.
    So there all type of people.

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    It is said that spare the rod and spoil the child. I think it is very true. Fear is the only mechanism to inculcate discipline and punctuality in the people. Even in our house if we do not monitor and bang the members they would take us easily. Fear can be represented in many ways. It could be simply the most common type that is banging and beating. It could be financial also. For example to punish the child the parents stop his pocket money. It could be carer related also. For example in a work place if the employee knows that anything done by him against the policies and rules and regulation will adversely affect his career, he would not dare to do any such thing. The housewife fears that if the food is not ready in time the husband would not be happy so she would make it in time. At the same time if the husband comes late from chit chatting with his friends the housewife will be unhappy and most of the husbands know it and avoid such delays.
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    Nice post from the author. The fear factor comes when the responsibility is posed to lead the team or the persons who are reasons to the job to be completed. The management knows that it is giving the harsh target to be completed within stipulated time and that is the challenge for the team to come out with damage control procedures much to the delight of the managements. But if the fear factor is not there and the team is having the easy go policy towards the task, that would be laughing stage in near future as the others are also making head way in their progress and we are left behind.
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