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    When what I said then contradicts what I say now

    It's not uncommon to see some people who state something which is objectionable to some other people and when they are criticised they say that they did not mean what they said that way and that it was others who twisted their statement. What they meant was this and that and so on. This is common nowadays and we are almost accustomed to listening to such contradictory statements, which ensues to debunking by the same person who uttered the statement. And we also have become either naive or innocent or brainwashed or indifferent that we forget what, actually, they uttered and what was the effect or how their statement could bring havoc in the long run.

    This tendency or practice is more common in politics. You hear a controversial statement of a politician and when the statement is criticised by people, he begins to belie his own statement and gives clarification and surprisingly, some people bow their heart before the new statement and they forget what his original statement was.
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    Politicians have bad mouth and they talk as per the situation demands to please their own cadre but realization comes afterwards when he receives the brickbats from the critics he tend to realize the mistake but that would be too late. Only two weeks back Donald Trump called his followers to seize the Capital hill to protest against the impending declaring that he lost the election. But the damage is already done and the acts of the followers has brought him bad name and now even impeached. What is the use of his statement now called for the United effort of people during trying times.
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    You are right. What Donald Trump did was unprecedented and infradig for a president.

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    This is much among the politicians. Politicians don't think twice before they utter. They do not have any regretting attitude. Sorry is the word unheard from any politician. They are capable of turning or twisting things and issues. Therefore, never trust a politician.
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