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    What are the difficulties faced in rearing small children?

    Nurturing small children of age 1 to three years is very difficult as their understanding power is less, they observe more and demand something different which we have not expected. And at the age of one year they are not able to talk properly but has the guts to say in action to which some parents understand and many does not. That brings the stubborn attitude in the child who wants best attention always from the parents and his immediately needs are addressed. What is your experience in rearing the small child?
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    Let us not say 'rearing 'a child. Rearing is the word applicable to cattle. Say nurturing/bringing up a child. It is really a tough job to nurture and care for a child upto the age of 3. The child cannot be let free, but require to be kept under watch 24x7. Their attitude would be that of their parents who nurture them.
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    The word what I used is appropriate and apt to the context of this thread.
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    To take care of the Children in the age group of 1 to 3 required a lot of patience. Yesterday my second granddaughter wanted to play with my goggles. The frame is very delicate. If I give it to her definitely she will break the frame. Luckily I have an old one which I gave her. The frame is not useful. So even she spoils there is no problem. Even though we explain to them they will not understand. So the best way is to divert their attention and see that they are forgetting what they wanted or asking. We have to tell them some story or show them a more interesting item so that they will not cry and continue their play.
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    That is the very tender age and it is true that 24/7 vigilance is required for these kids. Generally the grandparents are supposed to be expert in that work and they would engage them full time. In families where both the persons husband and wife go for jobs it becomes a big problem to take care of the small kids and even the maid or servants are of little help and it is a fact that grandparent are really very useful and also give good guidance in such situation. That was the main benefit in joint families earlier when grandparents took so many things on their head for the smooth management of the family.
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    It is very challenging to handle such young children, as the author said that it is true that such young children cannot express by speaking to us and we do not understand their feelings and therefore it is up to us whether we are able to understand the demand of the children or not. Apart from mother, some close people who live with children all the time are probably understanding but sometimes it becomes difficult for anyone to understand what the child is looking for. In such a situation, family members make different assumptions and find different ways to understand what the child wants.

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    Handling and taking care of the small kids is a big task and is a full time engagements. The mother is the right person for this work but if mother is going for the job or is busy in the household work then it is the duty of the other family members to take care of the children and then only they will get a good bringing up. Neglected children will not learn anything in their lives.
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