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    What is inner meaning of declassifying the Indo-Pacific policy by the Trump administration so early?

    The Trump administration declassified its Indo-Pacific policy document, which was to be declassified only in 2043. In this policy document of 2018, it is stated that the US wants to strengthen India to counterbalance China. It is very rare to see early declassification of US policy documents. But Trump administration did that. With the early declassification, is the Trump administration trying to pressurise the coming Biden administration to continue the same policy? What do you think about the early declassification?
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    I think it is an attempt to see that the incoming new government will continue the policy without any deviations and changes. The USA strategy is to see that China will not get strengthened further. To counter the development they want to promote India as a countermeasure to China. But now there is news that the new government may favour China. So to see that there will not be any change the policy, they might have done it.
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    This appears to be a political move on the part of the outgoing President and it may be to pressurise the incoming President to review that and reaffirm or dismiss that. Normally the outgoing President would not do such a thing as it reflects on his part also that it is something being done in desperation or frustration and does not indicate anything except the aftermath of his unbearable defeat. It is really very surprising that Mr Trump is leaving the office in such an ungraceful manner. The citizens would not forgive him for his stubbornness. US citizens are very well ware in these matters.
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    While the new government has the right to impose their way of thinking as regards to major foreign policies, as far as India is concerned, it is the most favored nation for the US and the same was documented. The Biden administration has to clarify whether they go with China or pact with India. But I feel India would be the most sought after nation as we tilted towards Russia as soon as Trump administration got rave reviews and to win back India the US has to do the confidence building measure and for India it is no loss and for America it is the huge loss as American Indians would not go with the govt.
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