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    Academic Conversation Contest- Participate and Win Prizes!

    It is time to tune your creativity! Here is an exciting contest for you all to build a unique academic conversation on any one of the given scenarios. Read and follow the rules of the academic conversation contest carefully. All members including editors are welcome to participate.

    List of scenarios:
    1. A conversation between the Principal and Canteen In-charge on a better menu.
    2. A discussion between the HOD and a Student Chairman of any department association on hosting an interesting academic event or a contest at the national level technical symposium of the department.
    3. A conversation between a Sports Coach and a Student on the health and nutrition in sports.
    4. The Cultural Secretary of a College discussing with the Principal on inviting special guests to the inter-college cultural fest.
    5. A conversation between a Hostel Warden and the Student Chairman of the Hostel Committee on the maintenance issues in the hostel.
    6. A conversation between a Lab Assistant and a Student on the laboratory safety regulations.

    What you have to do:
    a. Submit your conversation on any one of the above-mentioned scenarios. You can select any scenario from the given list even if there are already conversations submitted on it by some other members.
    b. The conversation setting should be offline. Do not come up with online meetings or the pandemic situation into your conversation.
    c. No need to provide an introduction, start the conversation directly.
    d. The Number of persons allowed in a conversation is 2-3 (not more than 3). You can give names to the people(but not compulsory) or just call by the designation( eg: Principal, HOD, etc)
    e. The conversation should be in English only.
    f. You can use formal or informal tone depending on the scenario but do not include indecent words, slang words, SMS language, short forms and double meaning dialogues. Conversation with differences of opinion and humour is permitted.

    1. Only one entry per member is allowed. The entry should be in a proper conversation format as per the guidelines mentioned above and should be submitted as a response to this thread.
    2. You must include one relevant internal link in your conversation. The relevant link can be given to any page of ISC (school/college/course/articles/AE query). Learn how to create a hyperlink.
    3. There is no maximum or minimum word limit as such, but the conversation should be concise, to the point and not too lengthy, approx. 650-700 words.
    4. Present an informative and realistic conversation by adding some unique aspects to the given scenario.
    5. You can edit your entry only to correct the spelling, grammar, put an internal link, etc. Do not change the core content and conversational dialogues after the first submission.
    6. Stick to the posting guidelines and general forum policies of ISC.

    Sample format
    Scenario: (Mention the scenario you have selected from the above-mentioned list)

    1. The best two entries will be given a cash prize of Rs.100/- along with a certificate of creativity.
    2. The next best entry will be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs. 75/-
    3. Other suitable entries may be considered for additional points and cash, max. up to 25 points and 25 cc, depending upon the quality and adherence to guidelines.

    Please do not post any unnecessary responses and comments in this thread other than for clearing any doubt related to this contest.

    The last date to submit your entry for the academic conversation contest is 19th January 2021, midnight (IST). The entries that do not follow the guidelines and those submitted after the deadline will be rejected.

    Instead of coming up with a regular conversation, try to break the stereotypes, think out of the box and write a unique academic conversation.

    All the best!

    Update 18.01.2021: The closing date has been extended to 23rd January 2021, midnight (IST).
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    Is no one conversing? Hope the preparations are on!
    'The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step'.
    Lao Tzu

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    Scenario: A conversation between a Hostel Warden and the Student Chairman of the Hostel Committee on the maintenance issues in the hostel.

    Rakesh: May I come in Sir, Good Morning.
    Warden: Good Morning Rakesh. I was waiting for you only. How are you?
    Rakesh: Fine Sir, thanks.
    Warden: Should we start now?
    Rakesh: Yes Sir.
    Warden: Rita is also with us and she will be noting down all the points and then we would make a fair copy. So, let me go through the issues one by one and Rakesh you give me the suggestions and feedback on them.
    Rakesh: Ok Sir, I have made some points and jotted down in my notes. So Sir, please start.
    Warden: Let me start from the issue of cleaning of the hostel premises. I heard that students are complaining about it. Have you got a point there?
    Rakesh: Sir, earlier the cleaning persons were coming two times in a day. But later, I do not know the reasons, they were asked to come only once in the noon time and do the cleaning but it is not sufficient. Now the students are complaining about it.
    Warden: Rakesh, as you know that there is a shortage of staff and management is cutting cost everywhere by trimming the workforce. So, I do not think that we would get additional staff now. Anyway, I will now talk to principal regarding this issue and if he can shift one staff from the sports section. In my view there are more people in sports department.
    Rakesh: thanks. Sir I have one idea regarding this that in the morning some staff come and clean the premises around the hostel and hostel mess. Cannot we engage them for one time cleanings out of the two times that we are envisaging?
    Waden: No, no. That would be not feasible as they are already having a lot of work around college building and main garden also. I have already seen their total work load.
    Rakesh: Ok Sir. Another point is that the senior students who have been allotted rooms on the first floor are complaining that in the morning water pressure is very low.
    Warden: Do not worry as I have already taken this issue in last weekly meeting with the principal and he has already approved for a water tank to be mounted on the hostel roof. Now let us take the electric bill issue. I am told that the electric bill of hostel has increased much and that is a matter of concern for the management.
    Rakesh: Sir, I have already asked the students not to use heater or any such appliance which consumes more electricity and I have myself checked on that since last week and I hope that the next electricity bill it would reflect.
    Warden: I came to know that when the students are going for classes many times they forget to switch off the lights and fan.
    Rakesh keeps silent.
    Warden: Ok, what I would do is on Saturday evening I will address the hostel students at 5 PM in the evening and we will have to make them understand that one unit of electricity saved is two units produced.
    Rakesh: Ok Sir.
    Warden: What is the issue with mess maintenance?
    Rakesh: Sir, our dining hall is in good shape but I had visited the kitchen and was shocked to see that they were not maintaining the hygiene properly.
    Warden: This is a serious matter. I think I would call the mess contractor on Tuesday and then you also be present there and we talk to him.
    Rakesh: Thanks Sir.
    Warden: You have any other point?
    Rakesh: No, Sir.
    Warden: Ok then, that is all for the day and remember we will be meeting on Saturday regarding the light bill issue and tuesday when that contractor comes here. Good day.
    Rakesh: Thank you Sir. Good day.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    We have decided to extend the closing date to 23rd January 2021, midnight (IST). Charge your spirit of participation! We are waiting for interesting conversations. Go ahead and showcase your conversational skills.

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