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    Academic Conversation Contest- Participate and Win Prizes!

    It is time to tune your creativity! Here is an exciting contest for you all to build a unique academic conversation on any one of the given scenarios. Read and follow the rules of the academic conversation contest carefully. All members including editors are welcome to participate.

    List of scenarios:
    1. A conversation between the Principal and Canteen In-charge on a better menu.
    2. A discussion between the HOD and a Student Chairman of any department association on hosting an interesting academic event or a contest at the national level technical symposium of the department.
    3. A conversation between a Sports Coach and a Student on the health and nutrition in sports.
    4. The Cultural Secretary of a College discussing with the Principal on inviting special guests to the inter-college cultural fest.
    5. A conversation between a Hostel Warden and the Student Chairman of the Hostel Committee on the maintenance issues in the hostel.
    6. A conversation between a Lab Assistant and a Student on the laboratory safety regulations.

    What you have to do:
    a. Submit your conversation on any one of the above-mentioned scenarios. You can select any scenario from the given list even if there are already conversations submitted on it by some other members.
    b. The conversation setting should be offline. Do not come up with online meetings or the pandemic situation into your conversation.
    c. No need to provide an introduction, start the conversation directly.
    d. The Number of persons allowed in a conversation is 2-3 (not more than 3). You can give names to the people(but not compulsory) or just call by the designation( eg: Principal, HOD, etc)
    e. The conversation should be in English only.
    f. You can use formal or informal tone depending on the scenario but do not include indecent words, slang words, SMS language, short forms and double meaning dialogues. Conversation with differences of opinion and humour is permitted.

    1. Only one entry per member is allowed. The entry should be in a proper conversation format as per the guidelines mentioned above and should be submitted as a response to this thread.
    2. You must include one relevant internal link in your conversation. The relevant link can be given to any page of ISC (school/college/course/articles/AE query). Learn how to create a hyperlink.
    3. There is no maximum or minimum word limit as such, but the conversation should be concise, to the point and not too lengthy, approx. 650-700 words.
    4. Present an informative and realistic conversation by adding some unique aspects to the given scenario.
    5. You can edit your entry only to correct the spelling, grammar, put an internal link, etc. Do not change the core content and conversational dialogues after the first submission.
    6. Stick to the posting guidelines and general forum policies of ISC.

    Sample format
    Scenario: (Mention the scenario you have selected from the above-mentioned list)

    1. The best two entries will be given a cash prize of Rs.100/- along with a certificate of creativity.
    2. The next best entry will be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs. 75/-
    3. Other suitable entries may be considered for additional points and cash, max. up to 25 points and 25 cc, depending upon the quality and adherence to guidelines.

    Please do not post any unnecessary responses and comments in this thread other than for clearing any doubt related to this contest.

    The last date to submit your entry for the academic conversation contest is 19th January 2021, midnight (IST). The entries that do not follow the guidelines and those submitted after the deadline will be rejected.

    Instead of coming up with a regular conversation, try to break the stereotypes, think out of the box and write a unique academic conversation.

    All the best!

    Update 18.01.2021: The closing date has been extended to 23rd January 2021, midnight (IST).
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    Is no one conversing? Hope the preparations are on!
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    Scenario: A conversation between a Hostel Warden and the Student Chairman of the Hostel Committee on the maintenance issues in the hostel.

    Rakesh: May I come in Sir, Good Morning.
    Warden: Good Morning Rakesh. I was waiting for you only. How are you?
    Rakesh: Fine Sir, thanks.
    Warden: Should we start now?
    Rakesh: Yes Sir.
    Warden: Rita is also with us and she will be noting down all the points and then we would make a fair copy. So, let me go through the issues one by one and Rakesh you give me the suggestions and feedback on them.
    Rakesh: Ok Sir, I have made some points and jotted down in my notes. So Sir, please start.
    Warden: Let me start from the issue of cleaning of the hostel premises. I heard that students are complaining about it. Have you got a point there?
    Rakesh: Sir, earlier the cleaning persons were coming two times in a day. But later, I do not know the reasons, they were asked to come only once in the noon time and do the cleaning but it is not sufficient. Now the students are complaining about it.
    Warden: Rakesh, as you know that there is a shortage of staff and management is cutting cost everywhere by trimming the workforce. So, I do not think that we would get additional staff now. Anyway, I will now talk to the principal regarding this issue and if he can shift one staff from the sports section. In my view, there are more people in the sports department.
    Rakesh: Thanks. Sir, I have one idea regarding this that in the morning some staff come and clean the premises around the hostel and hostel mess. Cannot we engage them for one time cleanings out of the two times that we are envisaging?
    Warden: No, no. That would be not feasible as they are already having a lot of work around college building and main garden also. I have already seen their total work load.
    Rakesh: Ok Sir. Another point is that the senior students who have been allotted rooms on the first floor are complaining that in the morning water pressure is very low.
    Warden: Do not worry as I have already taken this issue in last weekly meeting with the principal and he has already approved for a water tank to be mounted on the hostel roof. Now let us take the electric bill issue. I am told that the electric bill of hostel has increased much and that is a matter of concern for the management.
    Rakesh: Sir, I have already asked the students not to use heater or any such appliance which consumes more electricity and I have myself checked on that since last week and I hope that the next electricity bill it would reflect.
    Warden: I came to know that when the students are going for classes many times they forget to switch off the lights and fan.
    Rakesh keeps silent.
    Warden: Ok, what I would do is on Saturday evening I will address the hostel students at 5 PM in the evening and we will have to make them understand that one unit of electricity saved is two units produced.
    Rakesh: Ok Sir.
    Warden: What is the issue with mess maintenance?
    Rakesh: Sir, our dining hall is in good shape but I had visited the kitchen and was shocked to see that they were not maintaining the hygiene properly.
    Warden: This is a serious matter. I think I would call the mess contractor on Tuesday and then you also be present there and we talk to him.
    Rakesh: Thanks Sir.
    Warden: You have any other point?
    Rakesh: No, Sir.
    Warden: Ok then, that is all for the day and remember we will be meeting on Saturday regarding the light bill issue and tuesday when that contractor comes here. Good day.
    Rakesh: Thank you Sir. Good day.

    [First prize winner of the contest]

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    We have decided to extend the closing date to 23rd January 2021, midnight (IST). Charge your spirit of participation! We are waiting for interesting conversations. Go ahead and showcase your conversational skills.

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    A conversation between the Principal and Canteen In-charge on a better menu.
    CANTEEN INCHARGE: Sir its been a while we have brought changes to our menu, the last time we changed our menu was way back in 2019, and with this pandemic almost getting an answer to, we must do it for the betterment of our students, so the next time they join school after this pandemic, they would definitely be happily surprised.
    PRINCIPLE: Yes, even I was thinking about bringing about some changes to the menu, yes tell me do you have any ideas?
    CANTEEN INCHARGE: Yes sure sir, I have been searching the web all this lockdown , as for how can I bring happiness on my students face through their tummy.
    PRINCIPLE: Yes go on.
    CANTEEN INCHARGE: While this pandemic is on roll I guess we should add some healthy items to our menu as they would have had enough of junk all this while at home.
    PRINCIPLE: Definitely true. But do you think they would at all eat healthy stuff? This new generation is too much inclines towards junk.
    CANTEEN INCHARGE: That's a big issue sir. But I have some ideas . I even read some winter food ideas which can be very helpful now. We can add soups and salads in our menu. Soups and salads are light and are healthy too. Besides we have variety of soups to experiment with, even salads are of many types, some salads of sprouts are actually very tasty if made properly.
    PRINCIPLE: Salads are a good option, looks like you have already done a lot research, impressive!
    CANTEEN INCHARGE: Thank you sir, even we can have various options in breakfast too. We already have options in sandwiches, we can add south Indian menu, like Idly and Uthappam , which would bring variety to them as well as are extremely filling and healthy too, also , we can add new flavours of shakes, and can even add orange juice and carrot juice as they are very healthy but kids avoid eating them in salads, so why not juice them?
    PRINCIPLE: Great! Orange juice and carrot juice are very good for health.
    CANTEEN INCHARGE: Sir we can also add cereals, Cornflakes and milk are the easiest, ready to eat meal, it keeps tummy full as well as is extremely healthy. We can also add Poha in our menu and should replace coffee with Bournvita milk.
    PRINCIPLE: I don't think coffee shall be replaced, as coffee is also a beverage that even our faculty have. Rest all changes can be implemented. Also, what about the sanitation facilities? After this pandemic outbreak and what our whole world suffered just because of lack of sanitation, we must be extremely careful after our school reopens.
    CANTEEN INCHARGE: Yes sir, I have already had a meeting with our cooks and cleanliness staff regarding this. They have already been given guidelines to follow . Even we are thinking of using disposals in place of plates, which would limit physical touch to an extent. We are even giving a thought of replacing normal taps with automatic sensor taps, as that would limit touch too.
    PRINCIPLE: Great initiative in charge! Let me know what you all need and provide me with a rough budget we'll need. Let's get this started for a boost of happiness for our students after almost 1 year of separation.
    CANTEEN INCHARGE: Sure sir, I will definitely get back to you with a budget and requirement list. Thankyou for your precious time sir.
    PRINCIPLE: Thank you Incharge!

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    A conversation between a laboratory assistant and a student on laboratory safety rules -

    Rajesh goes to the chemistry lab because his teacher sent him a list of some instruments and asked him to make some preparations for today's practical class.
    RAJESH - May I come in Sir? There was no reply for a while, then he asked again - Sir, are you in the lab? Rajesh was asking the assistant of the lab.
    LAB ASSISTANT - Yes I am here, please come.
    RAJESH - I have sent by Anil Kachhwaha Sir, with a list of instruments and he has given this list to you, we are going to have a practical class in a while.
    LAB ASSISTANT - Ok, give me this list. When the assistant went inside with the list, Rajesh was about to lift a glass vial, then the assistant said, "Hey wait, don't touch him."
    RAJESH - Sorry sir, I was just seeing it.
    LAB ASSISTANT - Look, don't touch anything in the lab without knowing. Let me give you some special information about the laboratory, listen to them carefully.
    RAJESH - Yes sir.
    LAB ASSISTANT- From time to time, instructions are coming from the Directorate of Education for the safety of students in laboratories and we have to take care of them. Therefore, Certification Laboratory Assistant related courses have to be done before joining the lab.
    In this way, the assistant explained to Rajesh about the measures to avoid chemical gas, liquids, and flammable substances. All the substances should be processed in a certain proportion so that the test is successful and no accident occurs. For this reason, children are always used in the presence of a teacher and lab assistant.
    RAJESH - Sir, why are there always two doors in the laboratory?
    LAB ASSISTANT - The main reason for this is the safety of children. Safety and vigilance are very important in the laboratory, so all rules must be followed.
    RAJESH - Thank you, sir, you shared the information related to the lab and the rules with me, I will share this information with all the students of my class.
    LAB ASSISTANT - You are most welcome Rajesh.

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    Scenario: A conversation between a Lab Assistant and a Student on the laboratory safety regulations

    Lab Attendant: Arun, where is your overcoat.
    Arun: Today I forgot to bring it. Next time definitely I will come with the coat.
    Lab Attendant: It is not safe to work in a chemical laboratory without an overcoat. You have to handle acids and if by any chance acid spills on your clothes, they will get spoiled and you will be injured also. Synthetic dresses will catch fire if acid spills on that. So, go and collect an overcoat from any of your friends or seniors. Otherwise, it will be risky and you will not be allowed to do the experiment as per the standards of the laboratory and Good laboratory practices.
    Arun: Nothing will happen. Please allow me for today.
    Lab Attendant: I can't allow anybody in the lab to work without an overcoat. If you want you can get permission from the lecturer in writing.
    Krishna: No. Arun it is never advisable to work in the lab without personal protective equipment. Please see here, the written regulations are here.
    Lab Attendant: All the students should work by following all the regulations of the lab. In the first two classes, these regulations were explained to you. So please go and get the overcoat.
    Arun: OK. I will go and get the overcoat.
    Lab Attendant: Arun before going and getting your overcoat, Krishna will read all the regulations pertaining to the laboratory. Please here them carefully and follow them without any deviation. Krishna can you read for him.
    Krishna: OK. The chemical laboratory deals with all chemicals and some of them are very hazardous. So, while working we should follow the rules and regulations carefully. We should always remember that "Prevention is always better than cure.". The following are some of the important precautions
    1. Never work without an overcoat
    2. While handling chemicals please use googles and hand gloves. Spillages of these chemicals will cause injuries to the persons working
    3. Never work in the laboratory without shoes.
    4. While drawing any solutions into the pipette use a rubber bulb. Never use mouth to swallow the chemical into the pipette.
    5. Never bring your mobile into the lab. Keep that in your locker and collect it back when you have finished your work.
    6. Never add water to acids. Add the acid slowly to water.
    7. Compatibility of chemicals is very important. So, one should not use the same spatula for various chemicals without cleaning it properly.
    8. All the chemical bottles are arranged systematically and if you take any bottle after your work is over keep it in its original place after properly closing.
    9. Acids and bases should not be kept together and acids should be always kept on sand beds so that any spillage will get absorbed by the sane.
    10. Don't handle any unknown chemical without informing and taking permission from the lab attendant.
    11. Many chemicals are hazardous in nature. They may cause burn injuries and other injuries to us if we are not taking care of and following the regulations.
    12. Keep your workbench neat and never keep unnecessary items on the workbench. Only necessary items should be there.
    13. In case of any doubt, you contact the lab attendant before handling that chemical.
    14. Don't use broken glassware for conducting the experiments.
    15. Wash all glassware thoroughly before and after use.
    Arun: Thank you, Krishna. You have explained the regulations very nicely. I will follow them without fail.
    Lab Attendant: Now go and get your overcoat.

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    Scenario: A conversation between the Principal and Canteen In-charge on a better menu.

    Canteen In-charge (C.I): Good Morning, Sir!
    Principal: Good Morning! How is your canteen running?
    C.I: It's running fine, but I feel there is a need to bring some change to the menu. I was planning to discuss with you in a day or two regarding the menu.
    Principal: That's fine. Today I am not that busy, so you can come to my office after half an hour to discuss the menu in details.
    C.I: Okay, Sir. I will be right there after half an hour.
    (After half an hour the Canteen In-charge comes to see the Principal and immediately starts the discussion).
    C.I: Sir, as it's known to all that most of the food items offered in the college canteen is quite filling and health-friendly too. I am happy that every student either health freaks or sportsperson and normal to obese, have never complained about the canteen menu. Still, I wish to make some changes in the canteen's menu presently available.
    Principal: As you said the menu offered in the canteen is well-accepted by the students so, what is the need to bring some changes in it?
    C.I: Sir, almost three years ago, we had changed the menu entirely. We made the menu exceptionally healthy. We substituted unhealthy ingredients such as all-purpose flour/maida with semolina/sooji, whole wheat flour/atta and gram flour/besan. Even noodles, bread and pizza base made of whole wheat flour is in use. We are very particular about healthy cooking oil. Veg and non-veg soups, lassi, smoothies, fruit and vegetable juices, low-calorie ice-cream in addition to tea and coffee are available according to the season. Even fruit salad and wholesome breakfast dishes are readily available in the canteen. Still, I feel it's not enough.
    Principal: Okay, what is your suggestion? Go ahead and explain it in details.
    C.I: I remain in the canteen throughout the college hour usually. That's why I get to converse with the students on various topics. I have come to know from them that many of the students go back home quite late. Either they stay back in the college for the library, sports practise, to attend society/club meetings, or attend classes of some short term courses in other institutions. Many students come to college from far off, and some also come quite early for different practise sessions. Thus, the whole day most of the students remain on very little food.
    Principal: You seemed to have researched quite well on the students' hunger pangs. So, what's your plan regarding the change in the canteen's menu?
    C.I: I wish to add veg and non-veg meals/thali on the menu. It will be available from one o'clock to three-thirty in the afternoon. The students in our college come from all over India, so it would be proper to add more regional healthy dishes for breakfast, snacks, and meal. It would also help the students to get accustomed to different food habits of various Indian states and erase the inhibitions of regional differences.
    Principal: Well, your suggestions are appreciable. Food can play a massive role in integrating young Indian minds. Well, I have some points to make.
    C.I: Yes, Sir, I want your inputs.
    Principal: Firstly, the changes in the menu should be pocket friendly for the students. Secondly, we must not forget that college students are young adults, so let's have a cheat day in a week, but no compromise with the food quality.
    C.I: No, Sir, don't worry. I will heed your suggestions thoroughly. I would make the budget and see how everything fits in.
    Principal: That's good. You have come up with a good proposal. Kindly submit the details regarding the expected expenditure then I will forward it to the finance section. Something positive will come out certainly.
    C.I: I will submit the proposal details within a week. Now, let me take your leave and thank you, Sir, for your patient hearing and appreciable words.
    Principal: You deserve thanks for coming up with a good proposal. It will benefit the students to maintain their health and enhance the bond between each other despite disparity.
    C.I: Now, let me take your leave. Thank you very much, Sir.

    [Second prize winner of the contest]


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    A conversation between a Lab Assistant and a Student on the laboratory safety regulations.

    (In the Chemistry Lab, a lab attendant is closely monitoring the students, who are doing practical experiment during the lab session. Suddenly, he saw that a student who was doing his experiment performed wrongly.)

    Lab Assistant: Rohan, Do you know the way you are performing experiment may be dangerous? Have you not studied the nature of chemicals?

    Rohan: Sir, I have studied, but I am getting confused whether I should add acid to water or water to acid.

    Lab Assistant: If you have some confusion, it is always better to ask someone. We are here to help you. In a chemistry lab, the most common incidents due to which laboratory accidents occur are chemical spills, explosions, fires and personnel injuries. So, care must be taken during handling of chemicals, equipment and experiments.

    Remember, never add water to acid and always add acid to water. If you add acid to water, then a very dilute solution is formed and a very less amount of heat is released that is not enough to vaporize and splash it. So always add acid to water, and never water to acid. And also you should avoid your eyes and skin also from direct contact with chemicals. To prevent your eyes, you must wear safety glasses while handling hazardous/ pyrophoric chemical. You should never taste an unknown chemical as they may be toxic or hazardous. You should also remember always place the chemicals and equipment at their designated place after use and never leave a container of any chemical open.

    I can also see that you have not worn the lab coat and safety shoes. Why?

    Rohan: Sorry sir, I didn't wear the lab coat and safety shoes as I was in a hurry.

    Lab Assistant: The hurry is the work of the devil. And in a chemistry lab, you should never be in a hurry. Always wear safety shoes along with the lab coat because it protects you from the chemical spill disaster that can occur during an experiment. I am telling you about an incident that happened in the laboratory at a University, a student was working with a liquid chemical which was pyrophoric and requires careful handling. The student had not worn the safety wears, including a lab coat. Because of the malfunction of equipment, the chemical spilt and fell on to his clothes. The student was burnt. Even earlier a student in this lab also didn't wear the lab coat and while he was doing an experiment with sulphuric acid, acid spilt and his cloth were burnt. So you must be very careful and always wear a lab coat and safety shoes in the chemistry lab and never wear synthetic clothes. Understood.

    Rohan: Yes, Sir. I will always remember it and wear a lab coat and safety shoes in the lab.

    Lab Assistant: I also want to tell you that in case of any unfortunate situation fire spread in the lab, you must know the emergency evacuation, location of fire extinguisher and of course it's working as well.

    Rohan: Sir, I don't know where are the emergency exit and fire extinguisher. But I have seen and tried usage of a fire extinguisher in a mock drill held in my society.

    Lab Assistant: Good to know that you know the functioning of the fire extinguisher. And see that is the emergency exit (opposite to lab's entry gate). A fire extinguisher is placed near the entry gate.
    Upon hearing a mobile ring tone. Is it your phone?

    Rohan: No, sir. It is not mine. My phone is in my pocket.

    Lab Attendant: You must know that you should keep your mobile phone or earphone away from the place of work in the laboratory, as it may create a distraction during experimental work.

    Rohan: Yes, Sir.

    Lab Assistant: So don't forget to follow the safety rules in the lab. Remember safety first hence always be careful. Now, wear the lab coat, safety shoes and keep away your mobile phone and start the experiment correctly.

    Rohan: Thank you, sir, for guiding me.

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    An informal meeting between College Principle and the Hostel Catering In-charge. Mr. Sundar, the College Principal, and Mr. Lakhshmi Narayanan, the Catering in-charge were schoolmates during their school days. The principal is two years elder to Catering-in-Charge.

    Principal: (on Telephone) Hello, Narayanan, Good Morning. How are you?

    Hostel Catering- in-Charge: Good Morning Sir, Fine, Thank You, How are you?

    PPL: I too fine, Can you come to my chamber at 11 O clock to discuss some issues.

    HCI: Surely, I will be there sharp at 11 O'clock.

    PPL: Okay, Waiting for you.

    At 1100 hrs.
    HCI: (Knocks the door) May I come in Principal Sir?

    PPL: Yes Anna Dada, Please come in.

    (They shake hands)

    HCI: Sir, it is too much an exaggeration to call me Anna Dada.

    PPL: Why? You are providing food. You are a food giver.

    HCI: But I am charging for the food, not free, to call me Anna Dada.

    PPL: Please be seated.

    HCI: Thank You.

    PPL: Narayanan, Do you know why I called you now?

    HCI: How will I know unless you tell me. (Both laughs)

    PPL: Narayanan, Last evening, during the dinner, I visited the dining hall, sat with few students, and enquired about the quality, quantity, and services of the catering staff. They are quite happy and said they are fully satisfied with the catering. You deserve appreciation.

    HCI: Thank you, Sir.

    PPL: A few students suggested that there should be some changes in the menu. I think You are issuing mutton biriyani only once a month. The students want mutton should be served once a week. Is it possible? Is there any problem?

    HCI: Sir, You know that mutton is four times costlier than chicken. To serve mutton once in a week will be difficult as my budget won't allow it. Chicken costs Rs. 200/- per Kg and Mutton costs Rs. 800/- per kg.

    PPL: How about serving mutton twice in a month on alternative weeks, if not possible to serve every week?

    HCI: Yes Sir, it would be Okay and possible.

    PPL: Some students are interested to have north Indian dishes on the menu.
    HCI: What sort of northern dishes, sir?

    PPL: They were mentioning Chana Patura, Aloo Parotta (Potato stuffed Parotta)

    HCI: Yes sir, we can serve them once a week. Though it takes time to prepare, we will manage to serve these items.

    PPL: Alright. Some students wanted to have pizza on the menu. Is it possible?

    HCI: Sorry Sir, Pizza making is a tedious job. We can make and serve Pizza if the number of students is less, say about 20 or 30, but we have a strength of 250 students. Therefore, it won't be possible to serve pizza. Sir, let me ask you one thing – 'Do you like Pizza?

    PPL: Frankly telling you. I don't like that Italian dish Pizza. It is a rubber-like dish.

    HCI: Sir, According to my knowledge and experience, most of the students may not like pizza.

    PPL: Okay, let us drop the pizza.

    HCI: Sir, I have an alternate item to replace pizza. That is my own recipe. It is easy to make and I am sure, our students will enjoy it.

    PPL: Is it? Nice. Let us have it, And we will name it LNP, I mean Lakshmi Narayanan Pizza.

    HCI: (Laughs) Thank you, sir.

    PPL: Narayanan, I am planning to call for a General Body Mess meeting to discuss catering related issues. I will call for the points from the students to be included in the agenda for the meeting. I will forward those points to you prior to the meeting. Just have your answer prepared for the meeting. This meeting will help us to arrive at a decision. If there is any need to increase the mess subscription, it can be discussed during the meeting. I am planning the meeting on 14th February. Please be prepared.

    HCI: Okay Sir,

    PPL: Thank you, Narayanan. Nice meeting you. Convey my regards to your family and your catering staff.

    HCI: Surely, Sir. Bye (Shakes hand and leaves)

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    A conversation between a Sports Coach and a Student on the health and nutrition in sports

    Student: Good Morning Sir.
    Sports Coach: Good Morning. How are you?
    Student: Ok Sir. I want to talk to you on some matter in details. Can you spare some time?
    Sports Coach: You can come at about 4:30 PM as I would be free at that time and can you tell me what it is all about?
    Student: Sir, I want some guidance in matter of nutrition for players.
    Sports Coach: Oh, sure. You are welcome.

    The student comes back at around 4:30 PM.

    Student: May I come in Sir?
    Sports Coach: Please come in. Be seated.
    Student: Thanks Sir.
    Sports Coach: Tell me what it is that bothering you.
    Student: Sir, as you know I have much interest in football and I am representing my college also but I am feeling tired after playing the game and it is taking a lot of time for me to come back to normalcy. Is it alright Sir or I have less stamina. Why it takes too long to come back to normal feeling?
    Sports Coach: I think it is very normal. After playing the game for an hour who will not feel tired. I think you should not keep these things in mind. They are more psychological then real.
    Are you feeling tired other times also.
    Student: Yes Sir, I am. Sometimes even without playing I feel low in many aspects.
    Sports Coach: Are you taking any supplements?
    Student: No, Sir. Only the usual home food.
    Sports Coach: Do you exercise in the morning? Or walk?
    Student: No, Sir.
    Sports Coach: I would suggest you to change your food habits and be serious to your seating patterns and I think you will need some supplements also. Tell me about your food habits and do you take liquor or smoke sometimes?
    Student: Sir neither I smoke nor drink. I take the normal food and take 2-3 times tea. That is all.
    Sports Coach: See, football is a game requiring muscle power and anyone with weak body and less stamina would not be able to pursue training in it. So, seeing your limited intake I would suggest you to include some fruits and milk in your diet and that would bring the much needed change. The nutritive and healthy food is a must for a sportsman as it would help in keeping the body in good shape and vigour. As is said that health is wealth and that hold good in your case also.
    Student: Sir I am not much aware of these things and what you are telling makes sense as we have to have stamina for playing.
    Sports Coach: True and that is what I want you to take up in your life - the change in your life style. So what I would recommend to you is that include two times milk and two times fruits in your diet. Have some nuts also during the gaps between the meals. Take a walk in the morning at least one to two kilometres. In the afternoon, when you take tea then take a spoonful of some multi mineral multi vitamin supplement which are easily available in pharmacy shops or big stores. Let us do that for a month and then we would review it. We have much hope from you in the year end tournaments and I want that by that time you should be in very good shape. So, this is all for the day and good luck.
    Student: Thank you Sir, for your valuable advice.

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