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    Opinions will differ from person to person

    We, human beings, are having brains and we will have our own opinions on various issues. We will be experiencing it many times. Even on this platform different points will be discussed and members will express different opinions on the same issue. There is nothing wrong with this.

    When we understand the viewpoint of others and if we feel that their point is much better than ours, we should be able to accept that and make the amendments required. If we practice this, the world will be a different place to live.

    But how many of us will do that? Even though we know that the other person is correct, we try to defend ourselves. We will continue the argument and make the whole issue messed up/ Finally, a decision may not be arrived at?

    I request the learned members of this forum to discuss their views on this.
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    It is the fact that the opinions of many of us differ on many issues that does not mean we are in the confronting path. Why the opinions differ because we are within the frame work of accepted norms and already having the knowledge of the issue. But opinions should be with the reasoning and that should not contradict our own claims. Those who refute our claims, for that we should be ready with the reasoning and that would create the healthy discussion. Moreover we may side with our opinion and that does not mean we have the allegiance with the person or the organization and that is more important.
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    Having different opinion is not bad, but views should be logical which might convince opponents also. I often see views of people are just rubbish and where do they get such information from, it wonders me.
    I think we should not mould our views in accordance with any typical mindset or ideology. Illogical views or fallacious reasoning is not accepted by sane people.

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    Opinions can always differ even between the like minded people. What is important is to find out a middle path or compromise the issue for amicable settlement. Becoming stubborn on ones stand will not help as other party may also become adamant if the situation warrants so. I agree that this world would had been a good place if people had thoughts and ideas in that direction. Most of the problems in this world are due to the mismatch of opinions and adamancy of our behaviours. We must inculcate a habit of understanding others view also in the matter and should not sing our song only.
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