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    Negligence of parents towards their responsibilities during online class.

    Today, online education is being provided in almost every school in the country so that children's studies will not suffer during the epidemic. For this, both teachers and educational institutions are making all efforts in every way. In such a situation, they also have some expectations from the family of the children, especially the parents.

    But one negligence is constantly seen from parents, that is, during class, teachers often say that children keep the sound mute in their mobile or laptop and only then unmute when the teacher allows them to do so. But even when I look at my nephew's online class ( 2nd class student), the parents of many children of his class always keep the unmute the sound and their house noise disturb the whole class. The teacher has to ask to mute the mike again and again and In all these, the class time is also wasted.

    These are 2nd class students who are still very young, for this, parents should understand that during the child's class there are some rules, and parents should take care of them. Such negligence of parents is not appropriate for their children's studies, due to which other children and their parents also face problems.

    Why are the parents not understanding that the demand for this phase of the epidemic, is that, the children should study online, so that, they would be safe? As long as they do not give children an environment to study during online classes, till then the child will not understand the importance of studies.
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    Many parents may not be knowing about this mute and unmute process. The teacher concerned should educate the students and also educate the parents as required. Then people may follow this.
    When the first time I participated in a virtual meeting, I don't know how to do this mute and unmute. From then onwards I started doing that as and when required.
    In many families, children will be given a mobile and parents will be busy with their mobiles. But they never participate or see what they are doing. I feel parents should spend some time with their children. As the teachers are away from students, parents should take some additional responsibilities and see how their children are studying. They should also see whether their wards are following the classes correctly or not. Otherwise, when they have to face examinations and other tests, it will become very difficult.

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    Online classes has become the new responsibility for the new parents and also the village parents as they are not aware that they have to keep the audio mute otherwise house noise would be disturbing. Moreover I have seen in one of the online classes that dress is changed in the same living room and that got immediate response from the teacher to switch off the video. That is highly irresponsible. There must be tutorial for the parents before the classes commence so that they get alerted. And those parents who are experienced must educate the co parents and so on to create awareness.
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