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    It is always beneficial to follow the natural.

    We all know that the more we stay connected with nature, the more it is in our interest, so the importance of the word 'natural' should be understood as much as possible. Whether it is about health or behavior. As much as it is natural, the longer the effect will be.

    When we meet a person, we do not understand his / her nature at once, but some people are very natural, we do not get any show off in their behavior, and we all like such people. Being formal is a different thing in some situations but being fake is another thing. Therefore, you should try to keep your behavior formal with new people but also natural.

    Similarly, health is also closely related to nature. People take many medicines to keep themselves healthy, but if we always consume more of the natural things then we may not need the medicines.

    So the word 'natural', which is actually related to nature, this word contributes significantly to give us a happy and healthy life.
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    The nature of the person differs from person to person. We should behave naturally. We need not adopt the traits of others. When we try to imitate somebody we will lose our originality and we will become a hybrid. We will lose our originality and we will not learn 100% of the other person.
    Nature tells us many lessons. When we spend some time in nature we will learn many things. Nature gives us many things. Whether we respect nature or not, it will be giving us its best. But when we became very selfish sometimes it may show its anger also. So we should learn to respect nature and we should keep it up.
    As mentioned by the author many items available in nature which will be helpful for maintaining good health. Recently I met a doctor from Kerala, who is making medicines using fruits and vegetables. He is treating many chronic diseases also with these medicines. So there are many benefits from Nature. Please protect it.

    always confident

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    Adhering to nature is the best thing that one can do. It is not only adhering to the nature itself but one should have natural tone in ones behaviour and living and many such other aspects. Then only the humans would be benefited socially.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    For that matter we get lessons and experience from the nature and thus our behavior of good aesthetic is regarded as the natural reaction. In Telugu there is a song which goes like this " Matti nunche puttavu matti lonay kalisi pothavu and that means those who are born is from the soil and the end also consigned to soil. Therefore the nature connect to the human being is there from the birth to the death. That is the reason being some people will not change even after they become the biggest personality or the icon to reckon with. One thing is sure the love to nature always kindle in good habit within.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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