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    How much do you walk daily

    Going for a walk early in the morning or walking some distance daily is good for health. It helps in blood circulation and improves health condition. But with people preferring a luxurious life, looking for brand items, cars, comfortable couches and all kinds of facilities, the habit of walking is decreasing in people. It is one of the simple but effective exercises which people have stopped doing.

    Earlier people used to walk a long distance to visit near and dear ones which is not the case now. People prefer vehicles like cars or two-wheeler to move even a small distance that could be reached by walking.

    Do you walk daily and how much distance? Share your experience here.

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    Walking is very important for maintaining good health. Many people walk daily without fail. But many people stopped going out because of COVID19. Many people started walking in the house.
    As far as I am concerned I was using a treadmill. Daily I was walking on this treadmill for about 30 minutes. But I discontinued during COVID19 and started walking for about 30 minutes. Now the same is being continued. Daily I will climb up and come down about 100 stairs. That is also a good exercise I feel.

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    From early morning to the end of the day before retiring to the bed I think roughly 6 to 8 kilometers of walking , up going the stair case and even brisk walking in the morning. But some one told me that the staggered walking will not keep our health good and we have to walk at a stretch to complete the task. Over the period of the day many like me would be walking so many kilometers. We have to exert the body through the exercise and even if we walk in instalments that should work out to our health. One thing is sure those who keep on walking and not using their vehicles are keeping good health.
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    I have not measured the total distance which I cover daily. In the normal way, I like to walk on foot. Walking is good exercise. Waking up early and go for a morning walk, breathing in morning breeze. It renders amazing feelings to soul.

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    It is always good to walk to keep physically fit. Before COVID-19, I used to go for a 5 km walk . After COVID, it got reduced to 2 km. Now, due to severe cold, I am not going for a walk as I cannot bear the morning cold. I must say that I have become lazy since November 2020. I have planned to resume my walking after the start of the summer season. Until then, I would do little exercise inside my home.
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    Walking is a very good exercise and it is recommended by the doctors also to all the people who have otherwise less physical activities due to their nature of he work. A long walk is a very refreshing exercise for the whole body and it is one of the easier and best exercise for the elderly people who cannot do strenuous exercises. There could be different opinions regarding whether the walk should be brisk or moderate but those who do not have any heart ailment a brisk walk is recommended. On the other hand for those who are suffering with heart disorder or anaemia it would be advisable to go for slow walks. In my knowledge one should at least walk 3-5 km daily.
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    Walking is an ideal exercise for all adults and aged people if the same is continued daily. The ideal time for walking is the early in the morning and evening with the ode rate speed for the people having any health issues and for others, brisk walking is recommended. It is the most inexpensive way to trim body fat and cholesterol.
    Of late, this regime was discontinued due to the corona pandemic but I remained confined to my residence only maintaining slow walk across the ground provided near my residence. Finally, there has been some change in the nature of my walking since last month stepping out side invariably at 7 am in the morning and 4.30 in the evening. This time will further be revised in the summer.

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    There is no such limit specified for walking and I have seen some people easily walking about 8-10 km in a day. I know many retired people in our area who walk about 10 km per day. For those who are not habitual it might look as a big figure but for the regulars it is not much.
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    As I do not have a vehicle, I used to walk for for all my errands and purchases. It used to be about 3 km a day on an average earlier.
    But after Covid 19 situation, my going out became very less . For about almost a month in December, I used to go waling for about 20-25 minutes in the morning in a nearby school ground running track. But somehow a break happened and it got discontinued. Hope to resume morning walking as soon as possible.

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