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    Will the impeached Donald Trump, the US president, be convicted?

    The US President Mr. Donald Trump has become the first president to be impeached twice by the house. He is also the first president to be impeached after his successor had already been elected. His own supporters from his republican party has joined the democrate party to impeach him. What is awaiting is the trials which will be presided over by the vice-president(elect) Kamala Harris.

    Political experts of ISC,
    What is your prediction? Will Trump be convicted by the senate? What would be the fate of President Trump after 20th January 2021?
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    As far elections were concerned he was the lost lot but the way be conducted and exerted the pressure on the officers and behave to his dikdats even going to the court to ask for re counting and even stalling the elections. But even that can be pardoned. But the way he called his supporters to lay siege on Capitol Hill and even four people were killed in the melee shows his desperateness to retain power. And there were also reports that he prepared for a coup and that prevented. All these proved that he cannot be trusted anymore and thus Biden administration wants him to punish to the maximum.
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    He can be convicted. The way he is conducting himself is very controversial and creating problems for the country. The new administration under the leadership of Biden, may not keep normal. They may definitely go for action. Let us wait and see. Donald might have accepted the loss in a gentle manner and behaved in a better way. Anyhow, the effect of losing power is reflected in his actions.
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    Mr. Donald Trump will be quitting the office and the new President-elect will take oath on the 20th of this month. The ex-President will be convicted for the way he conducted himself after his defeat was confirmed. The seize of the Capitol is an assault on the country and its Constitution. Mr. Trump will face the consequences of his conduct.
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    United States President Donald Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives on Wednesday. Trump was charged with "incitement of insurrection", a week after the riot at Capitol Hill.
    US President was impeached by the House (voted 232-197.) Ten Republicans joined Democrats in this impeachment.
    The next step is for the Senate to hold a trial and determine Trump's guilt. A two-thirds majority will be required in the upper house to remove the president. However, the Senate is unlikely to meet before January 19, when it returns from recess. This means the trial will begin after Trump leaves office on January 20. Despite the timing, Democrats argue that to let Trump's offences go would set a dangerous precedent for future presidents.
    Impeachment itself is a punishment. I can't say whether he will be imprisoned for abetting his supporters to attack the capital hill.

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    I also understand that impeachment itself is a punishment and this punishment is only for the removal of the President from the present position. Regarding other punishments for which people are conjecturing that he would be imprisoned, another case would be lodged in the court of law. The judges would decide the case after hearing and if something about Mr Trump is proved which is a criminal offence then he would be sent to jail but that we would only come to know when the hearing takes place and gets concluded. Right now, the parliament is only worried to remove him from the position as impeachment is the only process in such cases. It is not in a good taste and it is the last resort in America democracy. The stubborn attitude of the President Trump has forced the parliament to take this course of action.
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