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    Why I am slow ? Have you ever bothered on this?

    Some times we are slow and we also observe others are also slow while doing work or in studies. But they also envy those who are fast and over take them. By virtue of being slow they are not cared by the family members nor the society and thus they feel having relegated to the wall and pushed to the last. We need to ponder over as to why we are going slow and what matters to hype our performance. If every slow learner goes through this process of imminent change is for sure. What is your take on this issue.
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    Why I am slow? Why I am not successful? These are the questions one has to ask for himself and ponder over to know the reasons. This is nothing but introspection. Another way of calling it is the SWOT analysis.
    Once in a while, we have to sit back and review our actions and their results and we should think about whether any improvement is required and any amendments are required. This is will help us in improving our performance.
    One should analyse the whole issue systematically and see the gaps and identify the areas for improvement.
    Instead of envying the people who are going fast, one should think about his own achievements and decide on the improvements to be made.
    When we are slow and not able to beat others, where we are behind the others should be known. This is possible only when we think about our weaknesses. Where we are wasting the time and where the chance to gain some time can also be understood by this process. Once we identified the areas for improvement, we have to make a programme to improve and adopt that. That will make us ready for the victory in the next attempt.

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    Our speed is determined by the level of success we achieve daily. For instance, a man decided to do 20 pushups daily, and gradually he would increase the number of pushups with time. The man was quite satisfied with his performance but when he started to do in group, he started to develop mixed feeling. After the pushups, all the members would discuss it as if there was a competition going on. The external environment influences an individual's perspective and it's the sole choice of the individual either to push against or for the comfort zone. If you agree to come out of your comfort zone, then success is waiting for you. But, if you are reluctant and keep yourself restricted, then you are slow.
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    Our speed and efficiency in our work place or even in our household depends on two primary factors. First is hereditary factor which determines the basic talent and intelligence level and is a matter of shear luck as anyone can inhere any type of intelligence. Some children are born dull. They do not understand things easily. They take time in learning. They appear like the retarded minds and are like that since their birth. On the other hand there are some blessed ones who are very intelligent and smart and since early childhood showcase their extra ordinary intelligence to parents and other people near them. Second factor is the hard work and efforts done by a person and many times we find that a mediocre person who is doing much hard work goes ahead in life as compared to the intelligent one who does not work hard. So, even an intelligent person can be slow while the mediocre takes the lead.
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    Instead of others assessing us it is better we assess ourselves.
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    There are all sort of people in our society. Yes there are people who are slow learners or doers. In offices such people get lesser appreciation from the boss than who do their work/assignments fast. But that's normal few people tend to do their work at slow rate so that they may not do a mistake and sometimes such people have low confidence so they perform slowly and feel scared.

    I belong to such category but what to do with it , I have this habit. Even when I was in school I was a slow learner but I was among the toppers in the class . I remember one of my school mate appreciated me on the last day of my school. He said I never knew that me being slow will win the race. Actually in the final exams I got better grade than him and it was unexpected not only by him but by whole class and the teachers.


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    Some people are fast and some people are slow learner. Being slow is not bad if he does not do mistakes in his work or study or any given assignment. However, fast learner will always be preferred if he has accuracy and flawlessness in his study or work or assignment etc. You being slow in any activity where you have limited time may place you far behind. However, when you don't have time constraints or any other conditions which are bound to ' be quick or prompt' then you have no issues. You may carry on without any hiccups.

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    Every one cannot be a fast runner and achiever. Some people are gifted and perform much more better than others. When we compare ourselves with them then we find that we are slow. But if we are slow there must be some reasons for that. We might not have same zeal and vigour as that fellow has. We might not be able to exert and effort as much as that person and then we should not complain.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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