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    What about our own terms and conditions ?

    Do you have pre-fixed terms and conditions for yourself that you will rate against others in the same way that a product or service has specific terms and conditions for its use? An interesting though to mull over!

    When we are buying a product or going to avail of a service, we are very particular about the terms and conditions and even concerned about the after-sales service. Sometimes the terms and conditions are harsh and even one-sided. Like there is no exchange or return for some products ordered online and that means it is one-sided terms and conditions. Likewise, we may have our own terms on which try to measure our behaviour and life with others. What are the terms and conditions? For me, there cannot be a short cut to success and everything needs to be systematic and not copied.
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    This is something of unusual nature to find out our own terms and conditions with others. Normally we don't have these in the present world but yes we can think about them that if they are there what would happen to our relations with others as well as our own assessment by ourselves. So, it might be useful for self assessment in various conditions. It could also bring some other benchmarks in picture for comparing our success and achievements.
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    Definitely, we will have our terms and conditions which are not disclosed. But when we go to purchase an item we will have our own expectations, our prices range etc. When we are satisfied only we will purchase that item. Otherwise, we will not show interest in that product.
    We will be meeting so many people in our life. We will not be friends with everybody. We will have our own expectations from the other person. When our expectations are satisfied, then only we will talk to them or make friends with them Even after making friendship. after some time if we feel that he is not behaving as expected we may not continue the friendship. This is nothing but we have some terms conditions for our selves also.
    Similarly, we can also make some terms and conditions for our own behaviour. All depends on how you define your qualities, requirements and expectations.

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    Our terms and conditions are also applicable when we are dealing with someone face to face. He will have his own terms and conditions and both parties have to agree on common points. But where your terms and conditions are not heard and only other party imposes terms and conditions on you, but you don't like those terms and conditions, in this situation you can cancel the deal with that party. Nobody can compel you to deal with a party on one sided terms and conditions where you have no voice.

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    If there is a transaction taking place between two then it has some terms and conditions. Like purchasing an item or availing a service from an organization. Terms and conditions in any transaction should be known to the persons involved in the transaction and nothing should be hidden there. Generally, meeting new people or making friends is not any kind of transaction and we do it according to our choice. In life, many of us are guided by some principles and we should follow those principles. Terms & conditions and expectations should not be mixed up. Everything has to be systematic or things should not be copied maybe some of our expectations and they can be mentioned as terms and conditions only when they are required to be followed to carry out any transaction, not always monetary, in various aspects of our lives.

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